What would you prefer?

  • More aircraft and regions
  • More controls and reworks on current planes

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Comment what you think

I want more planes like the A350 (#A350isbae)
I want more liveries like the Scoot Chickenpox livery
I want reworks for the A330 for SIA livery

I guess I want all :3 ^-^

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I would prefer something which isn’t here

I would prefer getting an extra year of Live+


I don’t get it. Many people vote for an reworked aircraft but on the “Choose the next aircraft in IF” poll, everyone voted for new aircrafts…

I dont get it either. But many people change their opinion after they read some very “convincing” Statements that were given right after the poll 🤔🙃

And btw, Global is coming so “new regions” is useless


I would prefer that there are no more topics like this because nearly everytime these topics are made and closed so there is no point in making these


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