What would you like to see in a IF YouTube video?

So I am working on a project for quite some time now, but because I want to make the video as good as possible, I wanted to get some tips from you regarding it, like tips to make the video better or ideas for places. If you have any of those and are kinda experienced with video making or you just know a cool place, that isn’t mainstream (like the Malediven, alps, etc.) I would be happy to hear about them!

What kind of tips? I’m fairly experienced with video editing. As for places… Oceania is great for scenic places.

Thanks! I am gonna check Oceania out! With tips I meant tips for editing that make the video better, like transitions or something like that

Well, it depends. What editor are you using. e.g. iMovie.

Here’s my criteria for a good IF video:

  • On-screen action is synchronized with music
    For example: frames change every 2 beats
  • Movement
    I like when there’s always some movement by the camera or/and the subject.
  • Transitions
    By that I don’t mean the transition effects. I mean that kind of the same stuff happens. I don’t know how to define a rough transition, but you should, just feel it basically.

I am actually editing on iPad 🤪 Oh I just realized… To be specific I use LumaFusion @InfiniteFlightDeck

Thanks for the extensive answer! Gonna try my best

Well, @sqeezelemon has said very good tips. Yeah, I also edit on iPad. Never used LumaFusion before. Anyway, I definitely 100% agree about this one:

Also, I’d say try and use the free cam (and hopefully soon drone cam) to get some unique shots. Those same views start to get dull eventually.

You can use the top cam to get shots of the plane from every angle, because it doesn’t change the direction at all times, so if you do a 360 somewhere in the flight you’ll practically be able to get a top view cam from any direction

Well, yes, I was more thinking of the aircraft, not the directions.

The top cam?

I’m talking about the scenic top camera. The one which is at the top of the same camera group the normal scenic camera and the side one are located. It is the best option for the side shots, at least until 20.2 comes

Yeah that’s true, I wasn’t sure if you meant the roof cam for some reason… I also like the normal scenic cam (at least some perspectives). Also in turns for example you can just stop the replay and do a normal free cam shot and it will Automatically seem to be moving
I will tag you when I post the product on the IFC so you can give me some feedback :) (I am a third done)

Normal scenic camera has a few cool ones. My favorites are the belly view and the one which flies away from the aircraft and increases the field of view to the point the earth is not flat.

Yeah exactly! I use some of those in my vid too. I am a third done now and I am having a few regrets that I took a song with lots of beats because now I need to make lots of cuts and tons of scenes to not make it boring 😅

Well on the other hand you can do 2 shots from 1 location in a row, with the first continuing the movement from the previous one and then the second doing another camera movement for the next pair to follow. And also, if you’ll shoot a lot of material for this one you can reuse the leftover or even the same clips in a later vid ;)

I am thinking of making flight time lapse anyone got any good editor?

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iMovie for iOS is good although it can only speed up footage up to 2x. I believe the MacOS version can speed up footage up to 40x.

If you don’t have an Apple device or have budget Final Cut Pro X is a good option.

A: That is a Mac product so it’s Apple :)
B: Certainly not budget

I agree with iMovie from Mobile. Videoleap is also apparently quite good. I believe Videoleap is on Android. But yeah, if you’re willing to spend £300 on an editor, Final Cut’ll be great

After I finish editing the quality isn’t good