What would you do?

I sell in on eBay

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Ask them to give me something bigger and newer

same here.

Like 777X. 😅

I would turn it into a house, with the engine housings as little hangouts.

Trade it in for a Cessna.

Or a Airbus baluga and turn into a hotel

I would get an instructor to fly it to a New Zealand, and then live on the 737!

Why New Zealand?

The Dreamlifter hotel! Every 4 Windows is a room! Their are 2 rooms beside each aisle

<>     ||     <> 

(Room) (Isle) (Room)

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No poisonous spiders, no poisonous snakes, seems exotic!


That’s exactly what it’s like here in NZ. Just watch out for dodgy weather in Wellington

Is that a bad thing. I might wanna live in NZ one day!

Those are some TINY rooms.

Better make it 6 window.

It’s good for crosswind landing practice, and if you come to NZ we can do plane spotting there together!

Yeah! (Who knows when that will be)! PM me!

Welcome to the new world!

I totally agree with that lol

I’d convert it into a campervan.


Make it into a house (or a caravan if I want to move out of the Lion City).

If not, I could always sell it to SilkAir or Air Koryo. They do need some, don’t they?