What would you do?

Server - Expert
Flight - KSFO - EDDM

Hi there all. Please bare with me as this is my first attempt at discussing issues like this.

In the video provided, i am currently approaching EDDM. My original flight plan consisted of a landing onto runway 27L from memory. As I’m approaching the airport I tune into EDDM Tower frequency. I get told by the controller that I am to enter left downwind and land on runway 08L. Fair call as this was mentioned on ATIS frequency.

By this stage, i feel as though I am too high and in no realistic way am I able to make the left turn to decent and land.

My question is this, what would you do in this situation?

Any advice would be great as I struggle with sudden changes to my flight plan on Expert Server.

Thank you

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I don’t know the details on this (and please feel free to PM your controller regarding the exact situation), but it looks like a long downwind is absolutely possible, if you wish to do one and I don’t think the controller would have minded if you did one.

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Simple answer just extend downwind then land

He told you to enter left downwind, feel free to do this to lose altitude!


Thanks for the reply. Stupid question, how do I do that? I’m roughly at 10,000ft once I get the ok to make the turn.

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Entering the pattern is a 3-dimensional movement, you aren’t in the pattern until you’re at pattern altitude. So flying the approach to the downwind until your pattern can be easily established is absolutely the right thing to do.

Love the visual guide, i understand now. Many thanks.

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You’re welcome :)

In addition if he didn’t sequence you, your downwind can be extended as much as you need 👍🏻

Understood. Thank you 👊

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Just keep flying when your at the altitude you want just turn and land

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It also depends on what your descent speed is. Yesterday at Paris, my waypoint turning to Right Downwind 08R was at FL130. I was still able to descend to 5000 feet to make the base turn.

So seeing you at 10000ft, descend to 5000ft AGL, make your base turn 3-5nm off the glideslope and intercept at at around 3000FT AGL. That should get you in safe :)

You could also hold to lose altitude if necessary, or even do so before calling in. As long as it isn’t too busy and you’re not interfering with other traffic, comtrollers are understanding and have no problem with it. It happens to the best of us too, sometimes :)

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