What would you do?

The purpose of this topic is to create scenarios, and other users will reply to the scenario created and will say what they would have done?

For Example:
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800
Route: KDFW → KMIA
Time of day: 21:00Z
Weather: Clear day with few clouds
Scenario: You are cruising at 36,000 thousand feet on your way to Miami, and all of a sudden one of your engine fails. The closest airport to you 50 nautical miles away, but has one runway that is 5000 feet long(recommended runway length for a 737 is 6,781 feet). There is also another airport which meets the 737’s landing requirements, but it is 250 nautical miles, and your last remaining engine could fail at any time. What would you do?

Example response:
The first thing that I would do is to try and restart the engines, and if that doesn’t work I would attempt to go to the airport that is farther away. The reason I would go to the closer airport is because I wouldn’t want to have a runway overrun when I might of had the chance of making it safely to the farther airport!

Please keep in mind that each person has their own opinions, so don’t criticize people on their response! The first scenario that you all will have to answer is the example on stated above! Have fun responding to the scenarios! If there is something wrong with this topic could someone please PM me ASAP.

Remember to respect other peoples opinions, and if any of you get into an argument please take it to a PM

You guys can create a new scenario two hours after the first has been posted!

Hmmm…that’s difficult…I would go for the airport further away…

We don’t have engine failures in Infinite Flight.


Er…we do…if you run out of fuel :)


That’s just poor planning.


This is supposed to be theoretical!

I think you are supposed to go the further airport, you have the ability to fly on one engine for a good amount of time if I’m not mistaken.


We have engine failures!
casually turns off both engines


The first thing I’d do is start the APU, and then look for possible places to ditch or land on a highway en route to the nearest suitable airport.


Land at the farthest airport, and do what an japan 747 did once i believe, go down gain speed then pull up, so the strain for the remaining engine isn’t always at its max it can be backed off and then “full” throttle, just my opinion, i am not a pilot so i am going off just something i’d attempt to do in a sim

I would probably land in water if there is any nearby if not, I guess I’ll have to land on the ground.

First, I would start the APU. Then I would descend to a lower altitude. I will divert to the farther airport because I still have a lot of altitude and speed to lose plus I still have one engine running. Finally, I land safely at the airport.

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To keep the post on topic, this is all in Infinite Flight…


Actually 5000 is probably enough to stop a 738. Remember that 737 that stopped in 3700ft on the wrong runway without using max brakes right away?

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Remember this is Infinite flight, Restart engine and continue to KMIA

  1. Descend to 25,000ft and maintain a safe speedd. Fly the plane. The only problem I would have here would be center frequencies. I would have to request it in IF, where as IRL, it would be that I tell them I am descending.
  2. Start the APU to have 2 sources of AC power incase the other engine malfunction.
  3. Turn toward the airport 250nm away. The other engine shouldn’t fail, it is unlikely one will and therefoe not exactly likely.
  4. Attempt an engine relight, using the “engine start - inflight” checklist. . IRL i wouldn’t expect this to happen until I descend lower.
  5. Go and land at the airport. Most likely using flaps 15°

If the second engine should fail

  1. Immediately disengage A/P and pitch for a best glide speed. If above Fl270, pitch for 275kts. If under Fl270, pitch for 300kts.
  2. Look for nearest most suitable landing site.
  3. Complete what I can in IF, of the two engine falmeout memory items and any Subsequent checklists.
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Well, IRL we would have a checklist, but sticking to the things also modelled in IF, the following is what I’d do:

Descending to an altitude where the aircraft would be able to fly in a nice manner.
Diverting to the further airport as a runway overrun definitely isn’t a necessity here and one engine out isn’t too urgent to be honest.

I would also make a plan for the unlikely situation of a second engine failure.

IRL I would declare a Mayday, and coordinate with ops, maintenance and ATC and so on.

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First of all, I still have one engine and can maintain a stable flight. I would plan for the suitable airport and start my descend accordingly. I would land there if no more problems occurred.

If both of my engines were to fail (Planes have around 100 gliding distance), I they both failed more than 75NM (Not to risk anything) I would land on the shorter runway, and use full brakes + reverse thrust. The B737 is a real quick stopper. I would probably get hot brakes, but that’s another story.

Just remember ; landing on a runway is better than water!

I would attempt to go to the airport farther away because I don’t think that 5000 feet is enough with only one engine that I can use for reverse thrust.

Good luck with that one if you loose both of your engines! 🤪

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