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I have a question, what would you do if a pilot pushback in the wrong direction while all the other pilot are going to meet him, and a few seconds later they’re face to face, and in this case I could not say give way or even hold position because the airport only had a runway and a taxiway, just so you guys had an idea (TNCM) was completely blocked
to solve this situation he had to get into the grass and on the runway what would you do 🤔🤔😏

I would tell the aircraft to give way which pushed back facing the wrong way in hope they will turn around.


when I authorized him to pushback there was nobody near him, I just did not expect him to do what he did, besides I do not know if a pilot would understand if I said that, he decided to solve his own way
it took at least 5 minutes before deciding to move

You would have to rectify the situation before it exists, essentially. Once it’s at that point, it’s too late. Yes, the pilots should have been a bit more aware, but you need to keep those other planes from passing the point of no return proactively.


you are definitely right, but sometimes when we control two frequencies and the airport is very full it gets a bit difficult especially when it is in the training server, where the pilots are impatient

With TNCM, most heavys have the tendency to stick to real world Procedures of backtaxiing down the runway. There’s no real way of enforcing it other then a 👻


in fact I came to think of it, because it was a B777, he should have waited a bit before entering the game to stay in the door that is up to him

hi guys i’m here with one more question, how would you answer an inbound aircraft for stop and go, you would say cleared of the option or cleared to land

stop and go, it’s a bit like touch and go, so here the aircraft will stop and go at the gate or back to taxi and take off soon thereafter

I would appreciate any help

Most definitely clear for the option. Clearing for the option allows you to take off again after landing, or stop, whereas when cleared to land you are not allowed to take back off again. However I don’t believe there is an option to request stop and go in IF

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ATC can’t do much but if I was the pilot I’d say full throttle and full left or right rudder.

he had little space so if he did it he would have to get on the runway or touch other aircraft

we have this option, but to use it you can not call inbound, just report your position and choose between the 3

  1. touch and go
  2. full stop
  3. stop and go
    It has been a long time since I used it so if it is not there anymore it is because it has been removed, and it is only used with ATC, and not unicom, I will check it to confirm, and thanks for responding

Space* I guess in this situation it’s not such a bad idea to maybe… whispers go through an aircraft… .

sorry I corrected this space *, you’re right he should have done it, I wanted him to do it but he stood still for 5 minutes forcing everyone to go through

Hi, probably not too much that could be done with the current features. IRL the ground movement controller would include a cardinal compass direction e.g „ xy123 pushback approved facing west“. I don’t have the right level in the forum to request such feature for the ATC commands, so if someone who can place feature requests and you like the idea …


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