What Would You Do?

This was taken a few hours ago in live (expert)

As you can see, Tower told me to contact approach even though I was 7.6nm away from 31 (the runway I was landing on) then I contacted Approach as they told me and as soon as I requested Approach the controller told me to contact tower. What else could I have done? This is why we eventually need a feature that controllers can talk to one another.


What was the controllers name?

I didn’t get it, after I took the screenshot I turned the AP off because I was told to make a missed approach

I was under the impression that controllers do have communication with one another on expert server. Perhaps I’m mistaken, or it’s not mandatory. In any case you did the right thing by following instructions, albeit a flawed situation.

Freaking rookies! 🙄😡

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Tyler talked about there being a way to have controllers talk to each other in the FlightCast stream

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This was Infinte Flight ATC
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Unless your were just joking

I read your post we have rookies in IFATC as well.


Just get the controllers name next time and ask them what they where doing.

Yea, I just talked to him