What would you consider to be the most challenging, lengthy route in IF?

Since day one, I have always enjoyed a good long haul flight.

Sadly, until Global is released, we are limited to what routes we can fly.

So my question is; What is the most challenging, lengthy route you have flown on IF?

Let’s get sharing…


No challenge is hard for me…but I think Kase-Kden is a bit confusing because there is a kinda cliff on the northern app of kden…this cliff is actually quite horryfing…but yea no other too hard


5 laps around Chicago Region and a final that is super windy on the 32R runway @ KORD

Longest is KMIA-KTPA and the hardest is KDEN-KASE:)


Like others here KASE/KEGE-KDEN. Mountains are an issue if you are me and fly at a Max height of 14,000ft.

Anything in the Denver region, because you have to subtract ~5000ft from your MSL to find out how high up you actually are (or just use the AGL indicator in the dock, but I like to use the bar on the HUD.


I have to agree with the others. Probably the routes in Denver. But the challenge is fun.


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