What would the first hotfix after the next update fix and how long would it take for it to be released? I'm trying to make a point.

Are you wondering what this is all about?

I’m trying to make a point here.

“What would the first hotfix after the next update fix and how long would it take for it to be released?”

Why is this question/topic, like so many other questions/topics, totally ridiculous?
Because it can’t be answered!!

Are you a fan of lists?

Here’s one:

  • questions that can’t be answered
  • ridiculous statements
  • futile polls
  • very odd topic titles (like this one, but in this case it’s to make a point, so, sorry!)
  • speculation
  • opinions
  • all sorts of discussions
  • I could go on

This is what the forum has been flooded with lately.

The question above fits right in!



I keep asking myself this question!

Some state it’s not that bad.
Others don’t care.
A couple won’t even understand what I’m talking about.

But there are also people leaving because of the childish turn this community has taken.

Why don’t I just leave when I dislike it so much?

Because there is so much valuable information to be found here, provided by dedicated people. I don’t want to miss out on that, but it’s getting harder and harder to find those needles in the haystack.

My wish for the coming year would be this:

Please add to the already valuable information with great questions and great answers and have fun discussing relevant topics but please stop posting all this rubbish.

PLEASE! Let’s make this community great again!


There has been an influx of borderline spam around here.


What does this topic have to do with anything?


You really have to ask? 😂

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Yep, I don’t understand

I’ll send you a private message.

I like messages!

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The topic title has nothing to do with meta.

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True! Part of the point.
I’ll add that!

Here’s a song I made…Spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam, Unsless topic useless topic useless topics, not much to say about the IF community

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Nice topic @Jan. This might help with some of the topics I’ve been seeing recently.

I doubt it, but I can always hope! :)

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About time someone said something. It is ridiculous.

Yeah, but would it help?
I’m afraid the people posting the stuff I’m talking about won’t get my point.

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Grammar and spelling too @Jan. Unless you’ve left those errors in there deliberately to underline your point…? 😀

It works both ways too, I’d like to see an improvement in the way we’re responding to ‘bad’ topics. New members are often making genuine errors in not searching or asking for things that have been discussed in some depth already. The tone from some has been rude and unnecessary. Some of us are too quick to fire offstroppy posts berating them for ‘being wrong’ and that can be equally as tiresome as the original post.


Agreed, people don’t seem to know what a constructive topic is, and how to make one.

People need to understand:

  • Don’t Spam
  • Use Useful Titles
  • Actually create a topic people would want to reply to!

My post here gives some instruction on how to create a good topic (not advertising, just merely assisting):


Guides like that should stay pinned indefinitely.


I’ll unpin it if I want to.

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In response to this, I think all the @moderators need a pay rise!

The amount of topics they are having to close at the minute is stupid, I’m not as active on here as I would like to be but when I do get a chance to scroll through 60 percent of the threads are closed.

These guys deserve some credit for that!

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@Jan add a few useless letters at the end of te title