What Would Infinite Flight be/Look Like Without This Forum?

What will Infinite Flight lose if this IFC suddenly got shut down and there’s no other way to communicate with community members?
What would Infinite Flight be if there’s was not even an idea of creating a community forum?
My assumption for the first one would actually not be too bad as a lot of member have joined VAs and other organisations which uses other forms of communication.
For that second one though…I think nobody would know how to (or even know they can) connect a joystick (not that they have to), or everyone won’t realise this is indeed a simulator and not a game.
Share your opinions here!


The IFC is the heart of almost, if not everything that deals with Infinite Flight. Without it, there wouldn’t be a ton of things.


For me? Another normal sim on the AppStore.
The IFC adds atmosphere to the Sim.
Events, group flights and VAs would be impossible to form without this community. Also, I’ve met very interesting people here.


I’m sure I would lose my friends from here, and lose in contact with the FDS, the developers of the Simulator. This community holds an important piece of Infinite Flight and it’s unseperable from each other

This community is the one which makes Infinite Flight more special, compared to other simulators which don’t have a community at all.


IFC is what makes IF special. Without it there wouldn’t be events. Also it helps people with issues and lets the “client” (pilot) directly say what he thinks is missing or could be better in IF. The community really makes IF evolve and make the experience always better.

I spent quite some time flying , but without the community. I have to say now I understand better how things work now and how some people really dedicated their life to IF.


I was wondering this myself a few hours ago. I believe IFC is the heart of IF. We wouldn’t have the planes we have today etc. Heck, we may not even have had multiplayer (as it is today; for example, without group flights, VA’s etc). Without IFC infinite flight would not know what our demand was. We might not even have had Global.

Also; friends. Sure they’re online, sure you may not have met them before, but you share a very strong interest, a passion for aviation. This is what brings us together.
People say, they aren’t real friends if they’re online. But I disagree, these people on here are real*, they all have their lives. We have each other’s backs in this community, we support each other in tough times, it’s a very nice place to be in and be around

*maybe not @discobot 😜

Quick little something I want to add on, Third Party Devs. Without IFC there would be no “IFPAX”, no “IFAssistant”, no “LiveFlight”, no “VirtualHub”. All these amazing tools that we use for our flights. And here’s to the developers of those tools, for example @epaga, works tirelessly at his ambitions, creating extra-ordinary apps like IFAssistant. So much time, effort, dedication. Hours of blood, sweat and tears. Without the IFC, they would be nothing, Yet another reason why IFC is so special.

Overall the IFC is a warm welcoming place and Infinite Flight would be nothing without it.


Without the community, Infinite Flight would definitely lose its attractiveness. Many users sign up because of the community. Also we would see a lot more peanuts flying around, without the community to teach them how to fly on Infinite Flight.

One thing is for sure, everyone would still be in IFFG by now.


I wouldn’t want to be on it. That place is a zoo! Lol 🦊🐻🐼🐨🐸🦁🐵


It wouldn’t shut down VAs that for one

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Events would be gone ☹️

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It will be better

Uhm… on a serious note please dont be like this

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@Justin_Chan… MaxSez: What is this thing called “IFC”? Been here awhile enlighten me, what is this stellar thing that gets some much attention here? I never heard of it. Additionally Authors if you gonna use acronyms define them! G’day

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Last time I checked it was called Infinite Flight Community, that was a while ago though, I don’t know about now.

I would crawl into a bush and slowly die with no access to AvGeeks.

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@Maxmustang “IFC” has always abbreviated Infinite Flight Community. If you search around the forum you may see some people use IFC instead of saying Infinite Flight Community.

Although IFC also stand for “International Financial Centre”, which is the second tallest skyscraper in my city😂.


@Marshall_Hilfman MaxSez: You can call it what you want just to be different as usual. It will always be the “Forum” to me. This Topic is “Fake News & Rumor Mongering”. Bad JuJu and a Fishing Expedition, the guppies have spawned again and took the bait. 17 Guppies so far, will they ever learn. “The Forum will live forever, it’s self sustaining… Call it like it is
“ The Infinite Flight Forum”!


I suppose I’m part of the “Community” members. You got me thinking about my role here Max…


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