What would I tune into then?

Alright, so Im currently on my way to Queenstown for appr RWY 23. I was using this topic [REDONE] NZQN procedures (Queenstown)

I was able to catch on until the part he said

So now im confused what to tune into because NZQN has no ILS for any runways and the only thing that you could possibly tune into is VOR.

Does that mean I tune into the VOR or do I have to fly down the altitude myself?

Would appreaciate if someone could respond to this topic soon!

I wish i was knowledgeable on Queenstown but im fairly certain most of the approach is visual. I dont think they use either of them but im probably way off on that

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Yeah, It’s like around final that you would use the glideslope and localiser it said. (Handflying not AP)

Almost the entire approach is RNP. RNP approaches always have a visual bit at the end (same applies to RNAV.)

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Alright, Well Thanks!

In the meantime I’ll be making my way in to Queenstown. (Currently descending)

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Have fun! It is my favorite approach

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I know its late but if you use navigraph or any app that has up-to-date charts it twlls you in the chart of what to do

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