What would happen if…?

I’ve recently done this and it doesn’t help. Still crashes unfortunately

There is a way to pause the game.

If you simply turn off your device, without clearing the Infinite Flight tab you will be able to resume where you left off.

Remember there is a huge risk to this. Since you did not clear the Infinite Flight tab it will drain your battery, if your device dies, you will lose all your progress.


Haha giving away the secrets haha 😂

If you follow the instructions from @CaptainSooraj

You will be fine

Just try and enjoy something that you have never done maybe but simply enjoy we as people have many concerns and we forget to enjoy the little good bit that we have

Happy flying and hope to see you in the virtual sky

All the best

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Hey there @Capt_Whiplash!

I’m seeing you are interested in overnights, but you are worried about your device.

First of all, there’s no need to worry. When I first got my iPad Air, I was worried about the exact same thing. I read a few stuff, and one was:

I would recommend you follow the above tips, as this is what I used. I’ve done many overnights and my device has not overheated or had any battery problems before. Although you may experience 1 or 2 app crashes, that’s normal. Hope this helps.

View the full guide here:

Actually, it won’t. At least in my experience.

@Capt_Whiplash - I have the iPad mini 5 with a cheap (maybe $15?) folding case from Amazon. When I begin a flight and realize I can’t compete it (i.e., I need to go out and won’t be home to land in time), I simply shut the case. When I return home, I open the case, type in my password/use TouchID, and my flight is exactly where I left off. The best part: the server will reconnect in about 30 seconds. I’ve never had an instance where I’ve come back and Infinite Flight quit, either. If I remember correctly, the longest period I’ve done this for was around ten hours.

I’d say give it a shot (since you have a folding case that will automatically turn off the device) and see what happens!


that’s a pretty powerful ipad, should be able to get the job done with ease

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That’s actually pretty interesting! I’ve had the exact opposite experience lol.

I guess it’s a little moody, and depends on how well your internet connection can handle apps running in the background (just guessing here though).


That’s weird because thats the same one i use and it runs it perfectly fine

Also, to keep a charge i recommend purchasing a super charger, so it charges better

Well I did find out that after one of my flights and parked two days ago; I forgot to end it and simply closed the iPad. I remembered to put it on the charger. The next day I was using the iPad to watch Mentor Pilot Aviation ( https://youtube.com/c/MentourPilotaviation ) most of the next day. Then this afternoon I opened up Infinite Flight and found it was still running and still had a ✅ that was online

I do the exact same with my iPad Air 4th gen and the only time it actually completely closed IF while in the background was after like 5 or so hours

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