What would happen if…?

What would happen if you planned an overnight 15 hour trip and played the game for about 4 hours then hit pause on the game, turn off the screen and in my case close the tablet because I have a Logitech keyboard and went to bed? This game is not worth depleting battery life, screen burn and what not. Wondering if the next day I can open up and continue


Nope. Infinite Flight isn’t meant to run in the background. Your flight would end.

Connect it to power for the night, turn the brightness and volume down, and set it to a neutral view in the cockpit. You’ll survive the long haul.


Yeah, iPads don’t have battery protection like iPhones do so a super long flight will bake the battery of an iPad if you would do something like this. My $2000 iPad was never designed for a game this intensive power draw or constant video screen demand

Not totally true, a lot of us have been testing beta and public builds for many years on various Android Tablets and iPads. As Sooraj stated, enable low power mode, lower your audio and screen brightness all the way down and you’ll be fine. With low power mode enabled and screen brightness all the way down, your device should stay rather cool and you should be able to hold a charge with no issue as long as your overall battery health is in a good state.


My new “2021- 12.9 iPad Pro 1TB is my new baby lol. It took me 2 years to replace my old tablet that just fried without notice. So I’m a bit concerned

If you go into settings you can reduce white point, that makes the brightness go way lower if you do it all the way, I find that to also really help

One thing that has been a savior of mine is the warranty that comes with the device played on. I’ve heard there is a way to power off your device and leave off where you left, but comes with great risk.

Oh, I got the Apple Care + 😊

Great minds think alike 😉

I’m thinking for a flight say from Europe to Atlanta is to do the flight as normal then end flight over the Atlantic at bedtime then takeoff the next day in your heavy from Hickory or Asheville with little fuel to the arrival into Atlanta

I have exactly the same tablet, if you follow the advice that @CaptainSooraj gave and make sure to turn all graphics to low and stare the camera up into the sky on the external view you will be fine. I haven’t had any problems and I have done countless 12+ hour flights.

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I have been able to have the iPad with the case closed keep IF “paused” in the background, but definitely not for a duration as long as overnight. I can’t say I’ve kept track on how long I’ve been able to keep it “paused” but I once had the iPad off and forgot about the flight, and was able to resume an hour or so later. Only once did IF tell me it was offline for too long

I personally wouldn’t be worried about screen burn, as for the battery life and what not, I’m not qualified to answer since I don;t do overnight-ers

iPad Pro user here, been doing long hauls on IF as well as keeping it constantly on while flying in real life with ForeFlight, for five years now. Never had any issues.


You’re worrying to much. I’ve had the same iPad for 2 years and have completed hundreds of longhauls. It’s very satisfying waking up and landing in a new country on time.

The other problem I have is that I have to make fictional flights. I’m retired now with no life and no reason to get up these days. Need to find a 15 plus hour flight like YSSY to ATL. I need at least 3 cup’s of coffee and smokes and read the news before going to fly something. Plus I like using my tablet in the morning to catch up on the world before fantasy flying

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Unfortunately in this case the app will be in the background for so long that it will disconnect by the time you wake up… you are still able to finish the flight, just offline, so not ATC or other aircraft (simply flying solo) :)

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Ah I see! Well don’t worry, your iPad will not explode. The game however might crash randomly as that has been a problem recently. Hope you find a solution and see you in the friendly skies!

if the game does crash out of the blue, go into the app settings and clear cache. This can often clog up your device’s memory (with unnecessary files and scenery downloads)

well is depend on how well ur device run. you can go setting and change it so screen not turn off every few minutes.

Rip. glad I saw this before I did a long flight and paused lol