What would happen if two airlines collaborated?

Hi guys! (And girls). There are a few topics that are like this, but this is different in a way. So basically, the whole point of this thread is to come up with what would would happen if two airlines collaborated and created a new airline, and once you said what you think would happen, you can create a new logo and post it here!

Here is an example:

Hopefully there is some good logos! Can’t wait to see them.
Stay safe and healthy.

Edit: each month will be a competition, and if I think you have done the best logo, your logo will be displayed on the post, so good luck!

Mays best logo :

I’m not sure how this has any relation to Infinite Flight, as this is an Infinite Flight forum. Is this a contest or just a general thread?


Just a general thread

What am I supposed to do? Make one of mine own

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Yep! It can be whatever you want.

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Another one to add to the many 😔

I’ll take an easy jet logo with sicko mode spray painted on the side.


If anyone is wondering what I use, it’s Procreate.

I collaborated these
and made this


🤣🤣 nice one

Adding onto what @Thunderbolt said above, the #general is a category for things about Infinite Flight that do not fit a category. This isn’t what it’s for according to the thread I linked below. I can’t even decide myself what category this would go into if they allowed it.

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I think I found a winning combo here:


to make:


What this will turn into after the first 2. Cant wait

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Just done a quickie🤣🤣

  1. Not really related to IF (but now it’s in RWA, oh well)
  2. Happens all the time in the real world
  3. Now I’m gonna eat a raspberry cave cookie

This is how such a cookie looks: