What would happen if a Cessna 172 circumnavigated Earth?

So, Infinite Flight Global is coming out soon, and I just had this random shower thought, and reflecting back on it, I find it priceless:

What would happen if a Cessna C172 Skyhawk circumnavigated the Earth? How long would it take? How much stops would I have to make? Who would be crazy enough to try this? What would the flight plan look like?

Since it is physically impossible for a single engine prop aircraft to withstand such capabilities, we may never know.


I guess it would run out of fuel over the oceans.


It would be quite the Trek, careful planning to stay close to land and a lot of Point A to Point B will not be so straightforward. Since you posted this you should research the possibilities and give it a go Captain ;)


Well, I guess I know what I have to do when global comes out…


Who said it wasn’t possible?

That’s in a SR22, but I’m sure someone has pulled it off in a 172.


That pilot literally lives in the same town as me. Kind of crazy. But I might research for a flight plan on this


Yeah, that’s in a faster prop with more aeronautical capabilities than in a C172. (Higher altitude ceiling, a backup jet engine, retractable gear?, etc.)


What are the odds of that? (Probably as much as the topic, lol)

I’ve planned one for the SR22, it would easily be possible in a 172


I have schematics for the SR22, I will compare with a C172R.

I have no clue. I saw Florida and though, typical Florida, but then they got down to the city and I had a mini freak out about it. Pretty cool

Could be fake. I read the article, she said “the hardest part of the trip of flying 2,200 nautical miles over open ocean”. I’m looking at the specs of the SR22 and it says max range is literally half of that. 1,100 nautical miles.

Then you need to re-read that article. The plane was fitted with more fuel tanks and an updated system. Not to mention that the article is by AOPA, a reputable GA organization.


My apologies, I was assuming the SR22 was manufactured with the standard fuel tanks. With these addons, you might make it over the Pacific, or just fly over Russia. That was the intended “flight plan” for my virtual C172 flight.


Challenge accepted…


My intent was not to start an argument over whether an article is reputable, but if it was possible for a C172 to fly around the world, the technical marvels he plans would have to face.

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Actually, I think matt guthmiller took a Piper Comanche around the world. But I’m not 100% sure

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@Europa_U_E_99 this is your next challenge if you buy Global.

I’m going to do it too ;)

I’d say it’s possible for a C172 to fly over the world, but it can be difficult. If an SR22 can fly over the world, then a C172 can.


I’m buying global, and I am doing this. If this topic doesn’t close, I will release my flight plan, assuming fuel is not infinite by the time Global is released.


Please ! That would be one adventure of a flight :D

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