What would engine startup sound/look like in IF?

I just made a casual mockup video of what IF would look/sound like if it implemented one of its highly requested features, Engine startup. I made this video using the startup sound of the GE90-115B.

I left the default idle engine sound as it is to simulate engine noise from other aircraft, airport ground traffic noise, as a silent airport is not realistic

Please watch using headphones if possible. Regular speakers don’t do justice to the incredible bass tones of the GE90.

Also, this is my first ever official sound mixing project and video editing project. So my apologies if I made any errors in anything.

PS don’t like the youtube video, it makes no difference. ‘Like’ the post here so that it gets noticed where it matters.


That Emirates airliner engine turbine engines start up just sent chills down my spine.


Same. It reminds of my flight to Dubai in 2012 in the same plane


Sounds great actually.


Dear @Mubashir ! Thanks for your amazing work ! I’m just impressed by the quality of your first sound mixing project ! Amazing work ! I think, it will help a lot devs !

Would you like a challenge ? Now try to do that for the cockpit and let me know !

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