What would clouds look like in IF?

In other sims, I have seen clouds represented like a milky sheet across the sky. Would clouds look “3D” in IF or is that too complicated/take too long?

Something like the above ^.

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3D overlays? My Macbook has problem rendering them, let alone an iPad. It might be a while before we have technology that supports that.

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The only thing I know is that it would be amazing having clouds.
Taking off in bad weather, climbing trough the the clouds and see the sunset.

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@Laurens IPhone 6 1.4 GHz cpu, 1GB ram. You are asking for active weather!!. Even 2.4GHz quad-core 2Gb ram used to struggle. Computer are powerful now bcos cheap ram. We got another 2yrs to be where the pc was 5yrs ago. Flight sim needs good cpu for calculation and GPU rendering like of open gel. I’m not technical person it’s just me opinion.

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CPU RAM sticks are too big for mobile, we need smaller RAM and cheaper RAM for mobile, it will be a few years.

@Danman Smartphone are small computers. It has same components as pc but built on smaller scale on single board. Only additional chip is LTE(4g-gsm 2G) for voice capability.😊

You don’t have the room for it on a mobile platform. Yes, the smartphone is a small computer, but they have massive constraints, they have no form f cooling, so they have to under clock the chips to prevent the user from burning their hands. And they have to make sure that the battery does not drain too quickly. Building something for mobile isn’t that easy.


Does it overheat while running Infinite Flight with wi-fi connection?
I have a half occupied iPhone 6 64 GB which overheats very easily… It’s my primary device so I don’t want to waste it… For now I play Infinite Flight on a two years old iPad.

@Laurens I don’t know it’s battery that over heat or the work load that overheat the complete board. My iphone 6 does get hot but I find it manageable maybe bcos I ise cover just silicon cover. Mine is still under warranty so I’m not worried too much.

Yeah, my is on warranty too (bought it in an Apple Store), but they don’t substitute if it overheats too much or battery performance become worse.
Anyway, my iPhone overheats in the top corner right (vertically hold).

@Laurens Yeh thought so, they would say the device needs break. I think mine more like on the Bottom side. Do you use cover

Yes, a thin silicon cover.

@Laurens, I would like to find out about performance on Tegra 4 device. And can’t wait for windows version.😀😀 people with money can buy surface pro tablet, it has i5 and 4gb memory😛

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Tegra 4 is old school and doesn’t really cut the mustard these days. Not with the load that IF places on the chipset. The Tegra K1 is leading the way at the moment and hopefully in the next couple of months there’ll be a quantum leap with Nvidia releasing the Shield 2 tablet with the X1 chipset as has already been released in the Shield TV device. Price wise you can get a Shield for £239-299. I’d guess that’ll drop significantly when the next gen shield is released.

I agree with everyone else, but I do think that we will eventually have clouds, buildings, rain, and much more. Every year our devices are getting more and more advanced, as our devices advance so will the simulator. In the really long run, like 10 years our devices will be so sofisticated they will be able to handle all of those graphics, so we will have them.

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There is one simulator carrier landing pro there are clouds and rain and snow it looks beautiful runs on mobile and ipad.i dont its a big problem for them to add the clouds

My device dosnt over heat it only gets hot when I play on it whiles it’s on charge

what about X-plane on the phone it has everything that you like except planes with good textures.

Those clouds are a flat layer though, one moment you are under, and the next you are through. Or you are blinded in it. Having true semi-transparent clouds is difficult from a graphics standpoint.