What would be considerd a Codeshare destination?

Im looking to know what would be consider a codeshare destination. For example:
American Eagle flyes to Melbourne, but is operated by PSA airlines. Would Melbourne be considered a codeshare destination for American Eagle?

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A codeshare would be something like this:
Lufthansa flies to San Francisco from Munich, but United sells tickets for the flight. They have a codeshare agreement thru Star Alliance.


ok, thanks!

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Going off of what @Mats said, codeshares are within airline alliances.
Delta Airlines, part of the sky team alliance, allows people to book flights on airlines such as KLM through Delta, meaning you get Delta miles/status.

The amount of codeshares available depends on the airlines. For example, people can only buy around 50% of Aeromexico flights via Delta, even though they are both SkyTeam members.

Codeshares can be extremely helpful if you have status on an airline.
Say you always fly Delta, but need to go to Europe. You can book tickets through Delta with all of the perks (depends on status), and fly on a KLM aircraft to your destination.

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