What would be a good Apple device to run IF global smoothly?

So I may need to get a new device to run global fully smooth any ideas on which apple device I should get?

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Well you can get an iPhone X and you’ll be good for a while. ;)

Really though, an iPhone 6 will do you good. Cheap price currently, has decent specifications. I’ve had it for about a year, didn’t have any problems with IF.


Any of the newer devices should be great. iPhone 8, iPhone X, or the iPad Pro.

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One of this above wich can run IF smoothly 😉😁

I have the latest iPad (2017 version / 5th gen, not an iPad pro) which I got in August for £339. It runs IF perfectly with all settings at highest possible


Got the 8+, works great. everything is smooth. Havent had a crash *knocks on wood

Are you restricted to only Apple? There are some other excellent brands too.

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I am using the iPad Pro 12.9 64gb

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I would recommend a TV pad aka Ipad pro

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Well, if you aren’t restricted to Apple, I would highly recommend the Samsung Galaxy S8+

It’s an amazing and very powerful device.

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I run it with an iPhone 8, it’s perfect

Get the 2017 iPad. It runs perfectly fine on high settings and is really affordable. It is perfect if you mostly want to use it for Infinite Flight. :)


Any device that is supported runs perfectly fine- but newer devices run better than older ones

I would recommend the iPad Pro 10.5 in or 12.9 in. The iPhone X or iPhone 8 will also do.
Any device that was made in 2017 or late 2016 will be fine, since Apple’s recent hardware is almost always on the high-end side.

I’m thinking about the iPad Mini 4. Is it good for IF? Because you know. The iPad pro is like £600

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As @Sal said, I would also suggest looking into Andriod. You will find much more variety and maybe even cheaper prices.

Don’t hear the iPad mini. It’s almost 2 years old, and only had a A8 chip. Get the iPad 2017. It’s also cheaper.

He could be used to the Apple ecosystem.

£600… Surely that’s too much

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Nope, the “iPad” (as Apple calls it) costs £339 for the 32GB version.