What will your first flight be with the A330neo?

Air Senegal Dakar to Paris CDG

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JFK-AMS in delta definately!

If they add condor, I’d do Leipzig to cork. Yes Ik it’s technically a DHL a flight and they use the 767 but yk.

SBGR - KMIA by “Azul Linhas Aéreas”

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Mine will be TAP from Lisbon to ORD

Jakarta to Denpasar Use A339 Garuda Livery

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If Delta comes then definitely SEA-HNL

If they add the Virgin Atlantic Livery onto the A330-900neo, I will probably fly KJFK-EGLL.

Kuwait Airways,operates the -800neo only and NOT the -900neo,so it probably won’t come unfortunately…

Probably delta Seattle to Amsterdam but maybe azul from SBKP-EBBR

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AirAsia X Bangkok (VTBD) - Zagreb (LDZA) :v

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Probably flying to one of StarLux’s future US destinations with a StarLux A330-900neo from RCTP.

If Delta 330 Neo Releases, ICN → SEA !!

Mine will probably be a delivery flight.

Toulouse - Brussels if the Air Belgium livery is included.

Delta, KSEA-EHAM or KJFK-LLBG or maybe something else!! I am really looking forward to this update rather than the a333, I don’t know why but i love the A339 more than the Ceo version!

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Corsair | LFPO-FMEE

Definitely Lisbon to Brasília Tap

Kuwait only has 2 A330-800s. They are definitely not a main operator. TAP is. They currently have 19 in fleet and more to come. The -800 also won’t come.

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Here is a list of the current A330neo operators:

And here is a list of the orders: