What will you do when you grow up


I am very curious that which job will you do in the future.

Plz vote if you can!!

What will you do?
  • IFATC chief
  • IFVARB chief
  • IFAE chief
  • Moderator
  • Staff
  • Infinite flight plane artist
  • Pilot
  • ATC(real life)
  • Other

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Bold of you to assume that you can become

  • IFVARB Chief
  • IFAE Chief
  • Moderator
  • Staff

Certain qualities need to be met to reach these few ranks and have these responsibilities; they are not given over time.


When I grow up I want to be a professional couch potato.


Well duh, pilot 😂


I have grown up and look forward to be an IFC Mod as my dream job 😎 I get payed- oh wait


Already had some practice over the past few months haha

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When I grow up I want to be staff. Haha!

  • IFAE chief
  • IFATC chief
  • staff/mod or beta tester :)
  • and pilot obviously, been studying for that

So basically you’re asking if we want to be Tyler, Misha, or Art and other 😂


I would love to be Art 👀

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Pilot would be cool, just have to start narrowing down my career choices, now that I’m in High School. But when it comes to Infinite Flight, I want to join IFATC, and eventually (maybe) reach grade 5 by hitting the grind.

I want to be upside down land when I grow up


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Who knows what the future holds for me. Right now, I think it would be cool to be a pilot, but that very well could change by the time I apply to college in the coming years.

I want to be older when I grow up


I’ve already grown up… Is this like a second shot at life where I can be whatever I want (provided it’s either something to do with the IFC or being a Pilot)?

I mean, the profile pic says it all really.

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I am hoping to be a pilot for Lufthansa even though I live in the US.

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You can always dream and with effort, make that possible!

I want to either be an Alaska Airlines pilot, or a bush pilot in Alaska. If I don’t get to move to Alaska, I’d look into being a pilot for AA.

I will grow up to be a commercial pilot working for Jetblue Best airline