What will you be doing when B797 comes out?


  • I’ll be at schl/collage flying in genius server
  • I’ll be taking kids 2 Disnyland in B797, 100%
  • Too old 2 fly IF, spend day reading newsppr

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I’ll probably still be asking myself why this is a topic…


I got some info from a my recent trip to Boeing’s factory in Everett. The tour guide told our group that more details would be made about the 797 at the Paris Airshow this year!;)

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May I ask why?

Because nobody knows what they would be doing when this rolls out in the next few years, and frankly the choices in the vote are…unrealistic.

Why can’t we have a little fun here it isn’t really a legitimate question is a jokingly question that is funny to ask because of the answers it’s just for fun so that’s why it is a topic


If I could look into the future, I don’t know if I’d be afraid or happy to know what would be to come.