What will we be seeing in the future?

Comment what you think we will see in the future.


FYI I was looking through the comments no hate towards Dennis

As devices and stuff get better and better, I think in the future a device could handle AI traffic, 3D buildings and terminals, and possibly clouds and weather.

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I think on top of the inevitable additions of Global Flight and more new/reworked planes, we will see the improvement of graphics which would mean better terrain, 3D buildings, better airport rendering etc. Even when the devs have added something, they’re keen on making it better.

It’s cool to be users of IF now, as we get to watch the sim evolve and become better and and better. The devs have high aspirations, and have shown they want to meet them but also make everything work well!


Adding reflection will be the switch to bad FPS

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Maybe Gear Tilt? 🤔

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choose any airline/ aircraft you want!

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They must be working on landing smoke which they postponed and gear tilt which is receiving a lot of pressure now…just like the wing flex i hope we are going to see this soon.I can bet next year wont end

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