What will non-beta players see?

Just a general question, what will the players that aren’t in the beta version see when players with beta liveries or features for aircraft play on the Live server?

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They won’t see your plane.

Does this mean you can expect them to spawn on top of you and will you be able to see users with the beta (if you happen to have it)?

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you won’t be able to see them as they’re using a new feature.

if they spawn on top of you, you’ll only be able to see their dot and tag

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Simple answer is: no.

None-beta users will see exactly what 20.3 shows (no buildings and none of the new liveries and cool features). For the new liveries, these users will see your aircraft type but will be unable to visibly see the livery - you will show up as a ghost on their device (a user with a tag - but won’t appear on their screens). Your aircraft itself (via the spawn in map), will still be the same - henceforth, people shouldn’t be allowed to spawn in you.

Note that the beta has a better system and radius when it comes to people spawning on top of each other. Since 20.3 users won’t have this ‘fix feature’, it’s still very much possible that you might have some spawn in issues between users of the two builds


Thanks for this :)