What will live be like with Global Flight?

I’ve been wondering for a while… How will our live experience differ once global flight is released? I think we all enjoy holding short at a runway, or having to maintain a certain speed whilst inbound in order to have a clear runway to land on, as it gives the app a certain sense of life that we once weren’t able to imagine. But, does anyone else feel that with global flight, other traffic may be a much more rare feat? I mean, I’m as keen as the next person for it - I’ve already got a mental list of flights that I’m excited beyond words to make - but most of which I’d expect to not encounter many, if any aircraft. Of course, whichever airports have active ATC is always a good prompt for a route to fly, but how many of you are going to continue to use routes with ATC, and how many are going to fly in isolated parts of the world, almost as if in single player?

Personally, once I’ve experienced flying in and out of the few airports I’m familiar with, I think I’ll be going right back to where the traffic is, even if it means flying to and from SoCal once again.


Airports will be less busy. There won’t be as many ATC services as they would be at some airports for a little bit and change. If you ask me, I’m not a real fan of the global flight


Idk but the way that makes most sense to me is that we looks towards vatsim and have fly in events

Thing is if you fly to start at an airport you know will be somewhat popular, eg. London Heathrow / Gatwick then fly to somewhere less popular you would still be getting the feeling your not alone, don’t know tbh just an idea

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ATC will probably coordinate, and open a few airports, between 1 and possibly even 4 hours away from each other. They may take shifts, allowing us to do cross-country flights. So, if this does happen, airports that are open will be more crowded.

Of course, this is just my guess.

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This is what I imagine. What I’m more keen to see is if much of the playground crowd still flock to Southern California with no regard for the vast expanses of unexplored world out there. lol


Yep, that’s pretty much where everyone on PG goes

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Yesterday SinKL actually overtook SoCal.

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Yeah. I hope they spread out a little. There’s gonna be so much space to explore, it’d be a shame if people limited it to a few hundred square kilometers that have been in the app as long as anyone can remember. But each to their own I guess

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It does happen. Anyway, when there’s any traffic in the ATC server it’s the place to be

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Yeah, I mean a lot of flights in real life are between a busy kind of ‘hub’ airport and a less quieter airport. Guess it’ll be no different in IF

I’ve tried a couple times to get everyone to a different reigon by flying with a few of our pilots to see if they’ll all follow us to that reigon


People go to where ATC are but also where the regions are free. Even on ATC PG server on the paid for regions you see a different style of flying.

I imagine that more of the centres will be opened on both servers as this will help people on longer flights however also expect to see some major hubs opened ( LAX, JFK, LHR…) where people might start / finish flights from.

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