What Will Happen?

What would be the penalty if you post other topics in the forum like youtube or something like that.

I don’t know what you mean? Please explain further.


What I mean is if you share other topics out of IF what will be the cost?

The topic would be deleted. Simple as that. If you keep on doing it you will be handed a warning, and if the warning doesn’t change the behavior there might be grounds for suspension.

This is an IF forum, and you have #real-world-aviation for well, real world aviation stuff. But that’s all that belongs here on the forum.


Wow that rule that rule is very secure.

I mean strict…

There’s no need to stress man… You can have fun just make sure to think before posting. Other then that you won’t even realise!


How is it strict? A warning should be enough. It should never have to come to suspension.


Yeah I’ve been doing that when I start posting in the forum.

The way I see it, it’s mainly to keep things aviation related. If you are talking about an aviation related YouTube video that might be okay.

Like you really know how to take care of things like seperating Garbage Topics From Aviation Ones.

I’m concerned that this is a troll. Using a random title to garner interest and make throw away comments to get a rise out of folk.

Yes, including from you Seb @schyllberg

It’s not a random title and its not a troll ok.

Please have a browse of some of the topics below. They are useful guides and collections of information created by the community and moderators that will help you understand how this forum works.

A Beginners Guide to the Forum

The Moderation on the Forum

Respect on the Forum


I will change the title ok

Yeah this fourm is strict if you compare it to YouTube comments or reddit but they are like a anarchy (anyone says anything whenever)

People are nice on this forum just follow rules and you will be fine

To be fair, it is. It implies that you just realized something chocking.


I will see it the link.

Well to be honest I have no intentions to troll anyone.

And this is a very sarcastic comment if it’s read in a certain way. I stand by my guns and will now watch in silence.