What will happen with IF´s Malaysia B777-200ER?

Malaysia has stored all of its Boeing 777-200ERs in what I think is a move to stop losing more money after the disappearance of MH370 and after MH17 was shot down over Ukraine.
In my personal opinion, it would be nice to keep the livery: only the A380 and the B738 have the Malaysia livery, the artist(s?) must have spent a lot of time to get the livery right, and because I like it.

What do you guys think?

P.S: This isn´t a Support request.


It will stay, just like all of the other departed planes.

AF 747-400 pops to mind.


The A321 which had the US Airways livery was removed after its update. That´s why I´m asking.

absolutely nothing will happen to it.


They removed it because they had to build the plane completely from scratch


They could have added it back though. Easier said than done.

Well they had to completely re-make the livery, and they did add US Airways to the A320

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Just leave it. It requires more work to take it out than to just leave it there.

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Going off topic but I heard MAS is going to sell off their A388s as well, isn’t it?

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Sell or lease, the first thing to occur. Maybe they’ll focus on their surrounding destinations with smaller aircrafts, like the B 738.

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