What will happen after i clear scenary cache?

Recently i have faced some issues with my infinite flight therefore a staff asked me to clesr my cache but after that i coudnt spawn at any airport so i was thinking maybe its because of that however i can spawn at KSFO only so i tried and flew to KLAX and afterwards i am able to spawn at klax. So i was thinking maybe after clearing scenary cache it resets all my places that i fly to and this means i have to refly to all of those airports so that i can spawn again. Pls anyone who has a better understanding pls reply to this thresd thks in advance.

They recently canceled the latest global navigation map update. So you may retrieve it working well.
On iPhone clear cache doesn’t change anything. But I’ve never encountered problems

Yea and now i csnt even spawn at any airport

Well, that being said you definitely should clear your scenery cache in the general settings. You should try that numerous of times after restarting the app.

This is the problem