What will be your last Old 757 flight before the rework?

As we know the 757 rework is coming.

What will be your last flight with the old 757?

Mine will most likely be KDFW-Roswell, NM (retirement flight)


KIAH-KDEN probably

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Im waiting for the new plane. Can’t stand the old one 😂


I might not fly the old plane again, if I do, probably to see how it feels and the differences with the new. 😋

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I think I might try to have it go out in style with one last flight to the moon.🙃


I think my last flight will be commissioning the old 757 as a space shuttle and taking it into earths outer atmosphere!


There won’t be one, can’t stand that thing.


My last flight in the old one has most likely already landed 😂


I honestly don’t know, not that big of a fan for the B757-200.

Maybe a United Airlines flight out of KORD. Either that or Iceland Air to KORD.

I don’t know, personally not anticipating this rework as much as I did the B777s or the A350.

KORD to KJAC on United 757. :)

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dont think i can get the current pile of suck in the air if ima be honest

and if i can, i probably cant get it back down (safely)

KLAX-PHNL Delta 757.

None. Wont be flying the 757 until the update comes out

I’ll record it and leave it as a memory to what was

To the ground

in all the years of playing, i’ve only done 1 love server flight on a delta 757-200 from jfk to lax, i might have to do a retirement flight, that begins in HNL-SEA-ROW

I think it’s too early to ask this gievn livery list is not announced yet

The same as yours @Aviation2929! Maybe we’ll fly together!

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I only flew the B757 once on Infinite Flight, from SPJC-KEWR, would probably be the last on the old one. The 767 needs a rework as well as much as the 757 disagreements incoming or whatever.


Finnair 757