What will be your First [Reworked] Cessna 172 Skyhawk Flight in Infinite Flight?

Hello Infinite Flight Community!
With recent updates and posts on Instagram and Twitter, we can infer that the C172 is on its final stage of testing. I’m sure, the IFC is excited for this update. I hope this update will turn out be one that propels it to compete with PC simulators.

With this update in mind, I would like to know what will be your first [reworked] Cessna 172 Skyhawk flight in Infinite Flight?

The format of the answer will be as followed:

  • Departure Airport (ICAO)
  • Arrival Airport (ICAO)


Happy commenting :)

Any speculation about the C172 release or features will not be tolerated and will be flagged.


A journey around the Outback of Aussieland.


Recreating my first CAP O Flight at KNEW. Callsign was CAP1672

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KRFG-KRFG I will do pattern work at this airport and test it out!😀


Please follow the format @Qantas094 :)

Weston Airport in Dublin is where I flew on a C172 in the real world. This is where my first flight will take place. 👍

YMIA-YWTO and back most likely

Well around the outback so from Alice Springs (YBAS) and circle around Uluru then fly back to Alice Springs (YBAS).

Missoula (KMSO) - Butte Bert Mooney (KBTM) VFR through the valleys, they will lead you there pretty fast

I’m so excited!


My first flight will be pattern work around my local airport, KTME.

I’ll do a beautiful and scenic flight. AK47 to PAJN.

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Somewhere in New Hampshire

Beautiful flight up the California coast.
It is going to be so amazing to see all of the new features.
Can’t wait!

JFK- KEWR I will go to update New York explore the mountains then I will go to EWR

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Well, assuming that there aren’t wheel covers, I’ll probably head to all the airports I head to when I fly IRL. KDXR, KBDR, KOXC, KHVN, and obviously I’ll depart from KHPN.

If it’s only the CAP livery that doesn’t have wheel covers, I’ll just fly wherever they do… lol.

I will fly from Charlottesville Albmarle Airport and just go exploring

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I’ll be doing a Denver Local flight
KAPA-KBJC and do patterns at both airports
@Joseph_Krol, @MrMrMan, @den.aviation y’all interested?


I’d join, but I’m not renewing until the A350 comes out. Sounds fun, though!


Where it all started KSFO. And I’ll probably do a event.

Probably NZMC to NZQN or something scenic like that.

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