What will be your first flight with the reworked A380?

Probably LH400 EDDF–>KJFK

OMDB-KSFO with Emirates first A380 I saw irl

I am very exited to do Dallas - Sydney on Qantas

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Use the A380 draw a logo of Airbus in the sky


I like that. That’s what airbus should have done with the last A380 delivery.

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DXB-IAH / EK211 for sure taking the a380 for a 16 hour flight.

Dubai-Sao Paulo😎😎😎

sydney to dfw :) @Ethan_Brown

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Yssy-DFW, MIA-Egll, EGLL-Lax, WSSS-Edff, Yssy-Egll, Omdb-Lax, Omdb-Kiad, Rksi-Lax, Omdb-JFK

Let’s go I love that route it’s too bad that it’s longer an A380

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I might actually do London to Johannesburg.

DXB-LAX with Emirates

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