What will be your first flight in the A220?

Might do Riga to Edinburgh

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As far as I know, the longest flight time of a flight that the A220-300 flies is airBaltic’s Riga (EVRA) to Tenerife (GCTS) flight clocking in at 6 hours and 40 minutes. This however is with full passenger load and cargo included. Distance-wise the longest route would be Saint-Denis (Reunion/FMEE) to Chennai (VOMM) with 2870 miles. Second is Air Tanzania’s Daressalaam (HTDA) to Mumbai (VABB) route with 2850 miles. The third is airBaltic’s Riga (EVRA) to Tenerife-Sur (GCTS) with 2800 miles. Then there is also the Riga (EVRA) to Dubai (OMDB) route by airBaltic which spans over 2685 miles. Time-wise all the routes are roughly the same ranging from 6 hours to 6:40hrs.
If you want to fly a delivery flight, those will be longer, since they are flown almost empty. Air Tanzania flew a 4990-mile flight from Mirabel (CYMX) to Abidjan (DIAP) and then to Zanzibar (HTZA). The first leg hereby is 9:15 hours long according to simBrief while airBaltic’s delivery flights from Mirabel (CYMX) to Riga (EVRA) take about 7:30hrs.

The order of flight time obviously depends on the winds but this is a rough rank of the flights I at least know of. Please keep in mind that I may have made a mistake and some distance calculation was calculated wrong by the website I used :)

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Does anyone have the JetBlue A220 routes ? or Delta.


EICK - Zurich (forgot the ICAO)

JetBlue below

Delta below


But it’s better to click on the thread !

LSZH :) , btw bice choice of route !!


Yeh ever since Swiss started flying their CS300 to EICK I’ve always wanted to recreate the route in IF.


Definitely willing to do this one:
Riga to Dubai all the way!

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Atlanta to Salt Lake! It was the first time I got to fly on one so it is an easy choice for me!

Mine will be a Delta airlines flight from KSEA to KDEN.

Probably a mid haul flight, ELP-JFK maybe

I’m thinking KSEA-KORD

some routes with Air Baltic

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Probably Airbaltic from Riga to Oslo

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