What will be your first flight at IAH when it becomes 3D?

The 3D IAH international will be coming to infinite flight very soon! So I made this topic for us to share on what our first flights will be when this is released. :)

WIP from project Texas

These will be my first flights at IAH 3D
-Houston to New York (777-200 united)
-Houston to Chicago (777-300 united)
-Houston to London (747-400 united)
-Houston to Dallas (737-800 united)
-Houston to Frankfurt (747-8 lufthansa)
-Houston to Newark (787-8 united)
-Houston to Miami (757-200 united)


Definitely heading to Sydney with dis one 🔥🔥


lol That most of my first flights are just united 😝


A320 with UA from KPDX

Or 737-900 i forget what they send



Also that shot looks amazing 🤩 can’t wait to see IAH 3D


I see that a380 every other afternoon! Love to fly that as well :)

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the flight will be from Sao Paulo to Houston with the United airlines B789. group flight!!!hello from Brazil


And for more updates on the IAH airport development (almost ready for release) go check out Project Texas

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Mine will be MAN - IAH with the Singapore Airlines A359. A unique route but it’s one I’ve wanted to fly. Also maybe flights from LHR, FRA and maybe if I have faith on my iPad from DXB with the EK A380. I can’t wait for IAH to come out it’s an airport I’ve wanted 3D for some time along with MSP.

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Also I can’t wait for the Evo blue UAL B772 so I can fly out of LHR - IAH with it

Same for me hoping they get released on the day or before IAH is 3D

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Definitely Quito to Houston, -800 or MAX 8 whenever it gets out

You called?

My first flight will definitely be to MSP, with Sun Country of course.

Yes, yes I did. All jokes aside I really want MSP to become 3D so I can fly ATL-MSP and maybe do some long hauls with the Delta A339

Houston (IAH) - Medellin (MDE) inaugural for sure 🔥

Wait it isn’t 3D yet?!

To or from Bonaire though, for sure. 738/9.

Can’t wait to be flying this route in real life very soon. 😉

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anywhere that has a 767 doing the route


Not yet but will be soon!!! :D

What it looks like currently


Your in luck because in real life IAH is full of them!

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Houston- Seattle, United 737-800 will be my first route out of magnificent IAH