What will be Your First A350 Flight in Infinite Flight?

Hong Kong to Dulles
Cathay Pacific


Definitely these two. Fly from ZBAA to ZSPD, ZBAA-KJFK, ZBAA-KBOS, and ZBAA-KSFO.

Don’t forget to look into here. Thanks a lot.


Maybe I’ll change my first flight this week 🧐🤨😏.

This week ATC schedule is very interesting… all the HUB airports are in some way connected to each other with the A350!

For example: tomorrow main HUBs are Helsinki and Beijing. Finnair (livery confirmed in IF) operates this route with the A350!!


Unfortunately, the Air China Expo 2019 livery was repainted in late November, and is now in the normal livery :/

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Alright… I just changed it.
However, it is Air China, not China Airlines.
Air China- hub Beijing
China Airlines- Hub Taipei.


My first Route on Turkish Airlines A350 will be ISTANBUL-KLAX sein

Do not forget to look here too. It is really beautiful. Many thanks

Turkish Airlines A350

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They would get hella hate though

I think your guesses are very reasonable, although I hope them will release them later in order to add more liveries.

Releasing them later doesn’t mean there will be more liveries. They may be finished already 🤔

I’m sure they would not release it if it wasn’t ready… Jason already said they have lots of liveries on it, so I think we can expect quite a few. Even airlines that are getting them in 2027 (United) or 2023 (Emirates) are going to have a livery on the A350. It’ll come when it’s ready, so I don’t think you need to worry about a shortage of liveries!


Paris Orly LFPO

San-Francisco (KSFO)

French Bee.

New updated route.
WSSS-KSFO Singapore airlines A359

Papette to San Francisco, on the FrenchBee A359 will be better 🤩


Probably going to be Denver to Tokyo or Sydney or Singapore or Dubai. Tokyo or Singapore using the United A350, Dubai using the Emirates A350.

Helsinki to Beijing

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That’s a nice long flight

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Well you seem extremely hopeful ;)

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Just in my opinion, I think the A359 will be relate today , just is my opinion .

Exactly. It will be nice to see how it handle going a long distance, but the first time I use it will probably just be pattern work at KDEN or KSLC.

That would give me a nice break from my essay if it is.

Some of my friends have that belief too. But there is nothing confirming that, so I wouldn’t get your hopes up quite to that level until an official announcement is made. Trust me, I would very much like an A350 HEL-PEK flight with ATC, but you never know.

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