What will be the most uncomfortable thing for you in 20.1

We are getting so many new features in 20.1. I just wanted to know what are you gonna fell the most uncomfortable doing. We are getting SIDS and STARS, VNAV, new ATC commands, oceanic tracks, and more.




What he said 👆

The wait for it is definitely annoying at the moment


Same here, I’ve been waiting for these procedures to come!

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Most uncomfortable thing: when the update doesn’t justify the absurd wait time it took.

It’s borderline ridiculous…


The amount of patience it’s taking at the moment to not flip out is just incredible.

It’ll be worth it though.


The update will justify the wait 🙂


I sincerely hope so, cuz otherwise this has been a complete waste of time.


I’m sure there’s lots of testing and thought put into it. I’m a little apprehensive about some things, but I’ve been assured it’s all been thought of. I’ve followed this game for at this point the better part of a decade, and sure in that time I haven’t been thrilled by every update, but there’s never been something I wish they hadn’t added. We have a fantastic team, and they’ve done a great job for a long time now, so let’s put our faith in them, and wait to pass judgment till it’s in our hands…


Absolutely nothing as well. The team would never put us in the deep end with no assistance as to how everything works. It will all be simplified and the team will be there to help people and their questions. If they weren’t to do this it would leave a bad impression and plus some tutorials have already been made public. We will all get used to the changes and will adjust accordingly as we have all these past updates. It isn’t impossible and you shouldn’t be worried about change. They will hold the communities hand as we go through this together.


The most uncomfortable thing will probably be providing 100% correct ATC service to you guys. It’s a big change!


Same here!


Definitely the wait for me. However im 100% sure this will be worth any amount of wait time. I’m getting very excited to the point where I check here every thirty or so minutes. They sure know how to build up some hype, am I right?


At least they’re giving us regular updates. Most Developers don’t.


People. Stop freaking out over when this update will be released. There have been bigger updates in the past, though I know we have received a lot of new users since the last update. What we will get is a very polished product, that even improves upon the fantastic sim we have already. I have played this game for years, updates come out, it takes time, the game is perfectly enjoyable as is. Just hold your horses and keep flying! The game is already perfect!


New ATC things. The new plane I can learn to fly in one or two flights on casual. But all the new ATC and flight planning things. Oceanic tracks, VNAV, Center ATC, etc. But will be well worth the wait! I can tell some of you weren’t around during the wait for global and it really shows 😂 that wait was a long and painful wait


So I’ll put a new perspective out there for those of you who are going to be uncomfortable or scared about the new features in the upcoming update (20.1). While this update will contain a lot of awesome new stuff; there’s no reason to have those feelings. The staff team here at Infinite Flight is quite amazing and have been putting together plenty of tutorials and informational topics to be able to educate the community to prepare for a smooth transition once the update has dropped to the public.

Like always, if you have any questions post update or continue to feel uncomfortable even with all of the new tutorials to come… Feel free to ask! As most of you guys have seen, we have a very tight knit community here with lots of knowledgeable members along with a quick response Staff and Moderation Team. You have nothing to worry about :)


I wasn’t freaking out nor was I trying or did I ask when the update will be released. I wanted to know if people had my same worries about new features coming to 20.1


I was more referencing some of the comments that called the wait for the update “absurd” and what not. Your thread was perfectly fine though the update will be nothing to worry about. Happy flying! :)