What will be in the next update?

Since the a320 update release i have guessing what is going to be in the next update ???.

Maybe landing smoke,airport buildings,a318,a319,autoland for all planes,cockpit lights,

A319 or a318, no smoke, no buildings, runway numbers, new taxi way lines and that is it I think there won’t be autoland & cockpit lights for all planes yet.

No one truly knows…

Some stuff coming soon though:
New taxi lines
Runway numbers
Airbus A318 (see tracking thread for more details)
Airbus A319 (see tracking thread for more details)

Maybe arrows before runway numbers

But this is the big question

When will be the next update???..

No one knows not even the devs

Bug fixes. My bet

A318, A319, Runway numbers, new taxi lines, and many airport improvements to be more realistic.

Check the announcements category