What will be different about the MD-11 than other aircraft?

If the MD11/DC 10 gets added, what will be different twards the new aircraft ex: 787 Aautoland etc. I’ll throw be something that will be different when creating a MD11 other than being the first aircraft with three engines, maybe something for cor cargo like functional doors etc.

You mean like special features?

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That’s exactly what I’m mean

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I think the C-130 has functional doors.

It does. Probably the MD-11/DC10 could have engine startup? Or probably something less elaborate like you said doors.


I remember hearing somewhere that all following aircraft would receive wingflex… all aircraft have it even if it is to the slightest extent.

We don’t know. Time shall tell

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Three engines makes a huge difference. Also the extra middle landing gear and the huge cockpit windows.
And look at that wing flex. I so hope that will be included as well.
This aircraft also has a higher landing speed. That will be challenging! :)

Hopefully there will be DC-10, KC-10, MD-10 and MD-11 versions.


Wow, that wingflex looks so awsome, love it!