What will a trans-tasman bubble do for the aviation industry?

The Tasman Sea, to Aussies it’s known as The Ditch, to Kiwis it’s known as The Dutch. It separates the nations of Australia and New Zealand as well as New South Wales and New South Wales, it spans 2,000km wide which is wider than the McDonalds down the road. But the Tasman has been feeling rather lonely in the past few months with the travel restrictions but what if it got a whole lot busier?

Australia and New Zealand have close ties, closer than the ties Texans have with crazy people. The two countries fought in the war together, fought over pavlova together and most importantly for this article: have a bunch of tourists hopping between the two. Now with this whole virus thingy nothing besides cargo is being transported between the two and like most of you know passengers don’t really fit into cargo holds very well so there’s a bit of an issue. But what if we could fix it?

Well without getting too political as of my posts got closed because of it the two leaders of the two nations said: “yes, we can hang out in a few months” in other terms, Aussies and Kiwis will be allowed to fly between the two nations as much as they want in a bubble, they won’t be allowed anywhere else because Merica didn’t really do so well with this whole virus control thing. So we have the facts, how could this affect the aviation industry?

Well, Qantas, for example, have many planes sitting around, it’s like a candy shop of planes besides the fact it makes you feel depressed, they already normally use their A330’s to fly between Sydney and Auckland, they also use their 737-800’s to fly from Australian capitals to Auckland, Queenstown, Christchurch and Wellington. All of these airports are well equipped to handle multiple medium-sized aircraft at a time which is a big plus because airlines would be looking to send as many aircraft over the ditch as possible. Air New Zealand also flies from their centres to Australia’s cities using their 777’s, A320’s, A321’s and 787’s while Virgin Australia and Jetstar also operate flights over the ditch. What I’m trying to say is that in normal times the Aus-NZ market is huge and it could get even bigger when residents have nowhere else to go

So what would it do the aviation industry? It’s a step in the right direction and with the possibility of opening up the bubble to the pacific islands too, it may become a cash cow for the airlines. The bubble will most likely open up by the end of winter. What do you think?

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This is a great idea. Australia and NZ may have just come up with one of the best ways to recover the international aviation industry.

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Very interesting!

I agree this must stop

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I knew someone would make that joke I knew it haha

You could’ve expected it, but it’s a nice article

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Lol what is it with your obsession with Texans being crazy, I guess the Aussie equivalent is that people from Northern Territory are crazy lol (especially Alice Springs).


What did Texans ever do to you?

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Don’t worry about it it’s been sorted now.

I’d be glad to share a Bubble with my fellow Aussie Bro’s we can help each others economy’s grow back to where they were.

It’ll be very interesting. New Zealand curved and all together stomped out the virus by basically shutting down the entire country. If borders re-open theres a small possibility of a second wave of cases.

It would be nice to see some Air New Zealand aircraft flying around though.

This needs to happen, the NZ aviation industry is gonna go in the bin otherwise lol

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Texans maaaaad in the comments bro. Maybe Florida would be a better target. Anyways, this seems like a good idea, as on a smaller scale the governments will be able to monitor routes and passengers more efficiently than reopening all air routes.

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