What Were Your Favorite Aircraft/Features Added this Year? (Poll)

  • Q400
  • 777-200LR
  • 787
  • C-130
  • New liveries
  • New ATC commands
  • New menu
  • New logo

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Mine are the Q400 and the 787.


Mine is the 787 and c-130!

Did you vote?

Additional requirements for Expert =)


787 and new menu, the old menu was horrible!

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Surprising that nobody chooses the C-130:(

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That’s odd, I loved the old menu.

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I liked that new logo too


The new one is wayyy more modern, it is going to be great when global comes when you see where people are flying.

Ya but, it’s kinda messy for people who don’t have Live


Oh yes, it is lightyears better then the original.

Gotta love more liveries.
I honestly think the 777-200LR is kind of a waste. Just saying

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Batik air and Garuda indonesia

Agreed. 787 and Q400 were the best!

Yes, they are amazing!

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