What were you expecting when you downloaded the infinite flight app

I wanted to make this topic so y’all can rate about the App in your own words let me start off when I downloaded this Simulator in 2017 I was expecting 3D Airports detailed Aircraft Real life ATC that talked and real sounds better Quality and the App costed 5.99 in the Apple Store I thought it was going to look like X-Plane 11 when I got it and have ever plane.


So you saying about expectations and reality of IF? As I tried many other sims back in 2015-2017, I wasn’t really that satisfied with them. The physics lacked, and the overall look of the aircraft. I was watching an aviation youtubers video and saw him playing a simulator called “Infinite Flight”. So i installed it, and NEVER looked back since. 🙂 The attractiveness of Global and so many different liveries made me really love this sim and so many real world aviation enthusiasts have contributed.


At first my brother started playing this Flight Simulator during Road Trips, and I liked how the physics were much better than what games I had played before, and after some time flying from KSFO to KLAX, I got $10 to play on the Multiplayer mod, and I have now played for more than 2 months and still have not seen everything IF has to offer.

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i got interested by “explore the world” .I wanted to explore the world at home


Getting it in 2016-2017, I expected it to be the crappiest flight simulator ever like the other ones. I was surprised though! I remember my first flight ever. In solo while flying a Asiana 747-400 from Runway 28L in San Francisco into Nearby Mountain


Well, i was also looking for realistic looking Flight Simulators and tried many of them. When i discoverd IF, i was really satisfied by the amount realisim it offered. That was toped when i even found out about Live ATC and the community. 😁

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  1. I had no expectations as I just was just at home testing different mobile aiplane simulator games. I just enjoyed the view and different camera modes, even though I kept on crashing the aircrafts. As I was about to uninstall it I saw there was actually a manual on how to play, procedures and stuff. That’s when I realised that this was a serious game, because it’s rare that you get to familiarise yourself with the manual and video tutorials first before you play a game. I knew I was about to learn something, not just about the game, but also about aviation. I now even watch Mayday Air Disaster on TV because I can now understand some of the things as they analyse the scenarios… because of that manual

‏Welcome to the community🥳!

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I installed IF during December 2021, so i was expecting the Chao of CS , and I was right, but doesn’t expect that realistic planes, 3D building’s and Giant community! I really love IF and I’m playing it every day at year!: Seriously Laura you mad an incredible job! Congratulations to you and the others staff members!

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Welcome sir !

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I also seen how the game has developed when I watch their tutorials dating from 5-6 years ago. Indeed the staff has been working hard to make this game realistic and enjoyable🤞🏽

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We have to be proud yes

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I was expecting a global simulator but this was back in 2013

I purchased Infinite Flight back in March of 2016. I saw a friend play the simulator in advisory class, and I loved the choice of aircraft and liveries so I bought it.

I really didnt have very high expectations because my phone at the time was a piece of junk, but as the years progressed and global released, it has far surpassed what I would expect from a “high quality” mobile flight simulator.

Download IF back in 2013 before global but had a long so break and download back in 2017 and have been flying ever since! I believe this simulator is the best for mobile as developers don’t rush updates and pay well attention to detail. Nothing can compete with IF on mobile in my opinion.

i honestly didnt know what to expect when i downloaded infinte flight, i had played other sims like X-plane but the thing i felt it was missing was ATC options which is what grabbed my attention of infinite flight. Before that i played other ATC sims like unmatched air traffic control. But it didnt feel complete to me. ever since starting infinite flight i have never looked back!

No idea

It was pretty new to the App Store and some footage from Windows Phones that had it before iOS did looked cool so I got it

Never thought it would’ve been as advanced as it was now, it was just these boxed in regions with low res aircraft and terrain. The water texture was cool though

Well, it was actually late 2021 when I downloaded infinite flight because it’s free haha 😂 I really am not expecting things but goods graphics and physics from the ads in the App Store. It looked pretty cool and when I saw it’s free, then I was like ok cool :) so I downloaded it and from that moment on, I rlly loved infinite Flight and the community as well. Compared to other flight sims, it looked A LOT BETTER. Even I still don’t have pro sub, but I’m glad to play it still :))

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