What were some of the worst aviation accidents that ended in the best case senario.

Same thing with other airlines… I don’t get your point

Except some A330s…

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There have been no Qantas Jets to suffer an “incident” and crash, but there are a few propeller-engined crashes back when Qantas operated them. Qantas does have an amazing modern safety record though.


Yeah also Qantas Flight 1…

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Qantas has been involved in crashes since its 1920 establishment but was last involved in a crash in 1999. Since then, Qantas has only been involved in incidences.

The point is that Qantas is and has been official named the world’s safest airline for the last five years.

This is not correct, there have been a few incidents with Qantas jets including Qantas flight 1 which was a 747-400 that crashed.

Taca 110 hail went into the engines and put both of them out over the Gulf of Mexico they landed on a levee in New Orleans


One A330, Qantas flight 32 suffered an autopilot error solely for Airbus A330 aircraft and had nothing to do with Qantas however they didn’t crashed.

Can we all please get back to the topic question and stop talking about Qantas. As much as I love Qantas, we don’t want this topic getting closed for being off topic.

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I’m surprised no one has mentioned Air Canada 143, aka the Gimli Glider. Running out of fuel at 41,000 feet in a 767 must be absolutely terrifying. No casualties or fatalities.


Gimli Glider
Miracle on the Hudson
NWA 85 Rudder jammed made a emergency landing in PANC cool fact is that I’ve actually been on that aircraft as it resumed service and it’s now the aircraft displayed at the DL museum at ATL

Air France 358 aircraft overshot runway is severe thunderstorms. Every single pax on the A340 escaped, luckily before when the fuel tanks exploded.

British Airways 9 Aircraft flew through volcano ash from a volcano that exploded, ultimately causing many engine problems and the famous St Elmo’s fire. Returned to Kuala Lumpur safely.

Air Transat 236 Major fuel leak and plane ran out of fuel, gliding a pretty long distance, they managed to land in the Azores with little runway to use. I think many overlook this one

Air China 6 I find this the most incredible incident ever. That thing nosedived and did all sorts of maneuvers plummeting towards the pacific rapidly. All engines failed and there was little that could be done. They managed to get control a few times but it would go into its nosedives still. All engines then came back to life and they landed in SFO with severe damage to the tail and elevators. Everyone survived on the 747


Probably Air Canada 143, which can be explained in a video by Real Life Lore Which the larger YouTube channel Bright Side later stole, which they tend to do a lot, or perhaps Air Canada 797. The plane was on fire. Yes, people died but the fatality count wasn’t as bad as it could’ve been. Also, Air France 358 also was surprisingly lucky.

Southwest 1380

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United flight 232, I understand that many people on board died but the fact that 185 people survived is amazing. The aircraft (a DC-10) lost it’s hydraulics after an engine failure in the #2 (middle) engine. The aircraft was steered using engines #1 and #3. Miraculously they were able to get the DC-10 to Sioux City where they had one chance to get her down on the ground. Many of the survivors were in the middle with only about 20-30 in the front and back (Some of the crew survived). This accident should have been much more tragic, but instead they were able to save so many people.

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NWA85. Full 747-400 nearly brought down by a full hard rudder lock. Landed safely in Alaska no casualties

Philippine Airlines Flight 434: Bomb explosion yet leased to only 1 death

China Airlines Flight 120: Caught dire but evacuated everyone safely

Southwest Flight 1389: Engine explosion yet only one death

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It’s in bold too.

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