What were some of the worst aviation accidents that ended in the best case senario.

I personally think the worst aviation accident that ended nicely was…
Aloha Airlines Flight 243.

What do you think the worst accident that ended nicely.

Please do NOT clog up the replies with “Cactus 1549.”


Well US1549 ended very very very good considering the events. Also BA38, losing engines on short final, at already low speed. SK751 also ended very good. Both engines went out at about 1000ft AGL, crash landed on a field, no major injuries (I believe)
Honorable mentions are the Asiana 777@KSFO and Northwest 747 suffering a stuck rudder.


British Airways flight 9. A 747 flew through a cloud of volcanic ash and lost all four engines. Safely made it back on the ground with no casualties.


I’d say United 811.

Instead of the top being blown apart, one of the cargo doors did. And while 9 people died (instead of just one in Aloha) the 747 was still able to land at Honolulu


I think 1549 is almost an undisputed king of this category, but it is a thankfully large category…

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I forgot about this one. That’s the incident with the roof on the 737 right?

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For me, I’d think that Northwest Flight 85 as it was able to land and divert at ANC safely unlike other planes that have had rudder hardover (The United and USAir 737s).

Also, if I’m correct, this is the plane that’s in the parking lot of the Delta Flight Muesum at ATL.

The Tenerife crash is statistically the deadliest and worse incident in history (non-terrorist relataed)

Yeah, it was due to explosive cabin depressurization 🤷🏼‍♂️

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Yes, It was the 737-200 accident.

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Has anyone even mentioned about the obvious Miracle on the Hudson? :)

Qantas 32 for sure

How the flying computer A380 and 5 pilots saved 469 lives


In regards to the situation during the flight, no hydraulics, United 231, would be what I would say. Over half of all passengers survived, thanks to the highly skilled pilots.

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But in the aloha plan crash the flight attendant died…

I remover watching the bright side episode on YouTube about that

I think these ones

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I think I’d have to say the incident involving N473EV. Lee Waves caused an engine to separate as they were in their initial climb out, parts of the aircraft fell onto a city along with an engine and yet it didn’t kill anyone or the crew

Qantas flight 32 (QF32) and US Airways 1549.

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I’ve gotta say American flight 96 because 0 fatalities

I have noticed that any Qantas flight that’s involved in an incident never crashes.