What went wrong with the A380?

Akbar Al Baker always wanted to get rid of the A380s. Etihad is a basket case, so I don’t think we’ll see them operating A380s anytime soon.

Really interesting post, learned a lot! Thanks for posting, @Louis!

I never liked the A380 at all.

exactly how I feel.
One of the most unique aircraft ever, sad to see it go.


Because you flew in qsuites on one…

It’s sad to see this icon go even though it’s not even that old…

No i didn’t…

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That’s true.

However Etihad Airways has announced the resumption of A380 flights In July. ( Subject To Change )

Al Baker on the other hand for Qatar Airways, he said that they’ll be grounded for a year.

I don’t think QR will get rid of the A380s that soon, as they have at least 4 of them at the age of only 2 years! 🤔

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Qatar Airways A380s don’t have the Qsuite. 🙂
( due to limited space In the upper deck )

The Qsuites are only found on all variants of A350 & B777 aircraft.

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A380s have always looked too “bubbly” to me.

That being said very well written post.

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