What website do you recommend to get flight plans for Infinite Flight?

Hi, I wanted to make a flight to newark but to get a flight plan for Infinite Flight I always use flightplandatabase.com but when I enter the page I get this API error so I could never make and get the flight plan.

I would like to know if there are better flight plan websites for Infinite Flight, more realistic and error free?

Thank You.


Simbrief and FptoIF are great options / alternatives

I use both very often. Always remember to check your FP before you fly. Become of the large scale of these websites and the conversion to IF mistakes are often made. SIDS and STARS also don’t transfer. However with those limitations these, at least imo, are the best.


Okay, I’ll try which of these two will work for me to fly. Or I think they can really work for me. Thank you very much, have a nice day!

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No problem, one more thing I forgot to add. FptoIF works are a conversion tool for Flightawear and Simbrief, so you will need those accounts.

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I just realized xd, but thanks!

Don’t worry, flight plan data base is now ok, is just a glitch that happening every 2 months or month !

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