What was your worst flight experience with an airline?

Hi to everyone on this forum, due to a recent experience of mine, I was curious to know what was all of you guys worst experience was with an airline. I’d love to hear your stories below!

My worst flight experience was recently on a trip to Luxembourg from Kuala Lumpur via a 4 day transit in Istanbul. So, my family and I were flying Turkish airlines and we had high expectations as they had won awards for “world class service” and were known to be “best airline in Europe”. My first leg to Istanbul with the 787-9 Dreamliner was alright, very impressive screens and alright seats. Some cabin crew were alright while others look like they hated their job. Food was meh but I didn’t think much because we were not flying out of their base?

Now for the actual worst bit, after our 4 day stay in Istanbul, our flight to Luxembourg was scheduled to depart at 4:20pm on the 27th with a 737-800. For some backstory, we actually had another 4 day layover in Istanbul on our return leg but my mum changed it so we could spend more time in Luxembourg. The night before our flight, My mum had checked in early via the app which gave us our confirmed seats. Fast forward to us arriving at Istanbul international at 1:30. We went to try and drop off our bags at the self drop-off but the machine had an issue scanning our boarding pass. After finally getting hold of a staff member, we were told to go to a supervisor desk.

As we approached the desk, we went to this woman who was empty. We explained our situation but she was extremely rude and did not listen to us. She shouted at us and told us she couldn’t do anything and we had to wait in the regular line because our flight was only departing at 4:20. We were shocked by her and ended up going to the guy next to her. We explained and after checking he told us our flight ticket was exchanged. My mum tried to show him that we never changed anything but he didn’t care. So we had to run all the way to ticket services and when they checked. The lady there said nothing was wrong. She printed out some info for us which we gave back to that same guy. Who then told very rudely told us our flight was overbooked and he couldn’t help us. We was very rude to my parents. He eventually gave us standby seats. Thankfully we were lucky and got seats as they prioritised us thanks for my younger brother. There were at least 20 people on standby that day. (Just in-case for anyone, all the staff were under Turkish airlines, not the airport.)

In the end we found Turkish airlines not worth it. Our return legs were disappointing as well as cabin crew were not great and food was very mediocre for an airline that raves about their catering. Never again with Turkish airlines for us. Have you guys had similar experiences, please share below! 😁


I remember when I was flying on Emirates, some of the foods aren’t just good for me.


oooooh boy this is gonna be fun lmao

LAS-HNL / Aug 3rd, 2021

My parents planned for me and my brothers and sister to go to honolulu for two weeks. Because of the recent start of the LAS-HNL route ig they took that route (BWI-LAS-HNL). That was a huge mistake. The day starts early, and we fly to Vegas in the morning with a nice cushioned layover. The flight went well, but I was glad to have the layover as my back started to ache A LOT! After I started to feel a bit better we began boarding to Honolulu. I was obviously excited as was my younger sister. Then comes the 6 hour flight… on none other but a 737… a great idea with not so great consequences. The airline and crew were amazing but I could not enjoy the flight at all. We were about 4 hours into the flight and I was already ready to get out. I do not recommend this route if u have other options. Once we landed we took 2 days to just relax in the hotel because we couldn’t do much of anything. Then the return flight wasnt any better but I learned to sleep at least so I would only feel pain once on the ground. I am glad to not do that route again. OH WAIT IT GETS BETTER!!! I’m going BWI-LAX in 10 days which is a 5h40 flight. So I’ll let yall know if it’s the same or not :')


This and this

Not really an airline but this was moreso me. Was on a flight back from San Diego with Alaska, and just before I had gotten on the flight I had consumed some In-N-Out from the local restaurant. Not sure what it did to me, but let’s just say passengers complaining of a fowl smell in the cabin was the least of my concerns during that flight. It actually got so bad that I later found out that people were tweeting Alaska Airlines because there was such a bad smell in the cabin. TL;DR don’t eat an animal style double double with animal fries right before your flight. You’ll essentially be passing gas for the better part of 2 hours.


back in 2021 i was flying American, ATL-DFW-LAX-OGG went fine, but on the way back, we were scheduled for the same just reversed, OGG-LAX-DFW-ATL, but the first flight got DelAAyed, and we missed our connecting flight, then they rescheduled us, OGG-HNL-LAX-DFW-CLT-ATL, and my mom said hell no, we argued for HOURS with customer service, and the lady gave up and gave us OGG-HNL-DFW-ATL finally, which we settled for, we even booked seats on the app, then, of course, it was only me and my mom and we were booked for the window and a middle seat, American didn’t block off middles back then. So when we got to our seats, a mentally unstable lady was spread out feet on the roof taking up the whole row, and we couldn’t deal with that so we just asked if there was any other seats, we settled for a middle row sadly, so the middle row of a 787–9 was where I was, it sucked royally because we got into Atlanta at a horrible time and DFW thought it was funny to put fake outlets at the gate so I had a dead phone and couldn’t coordinate me and my moms ride at ATL, totally sucked.

What do you mean fake outlets?

actual pic

Some seats are just rock solid compared to others. I’ve found newer seats to actually be more uncomfortable. On Turkish airlines, I preferred the older a321 seats compared to their newer 787-9.

Dublin to Mallorca TUI delayed by 2 hours due to ATC slot restriction. Not the crews fault but apparently overhead a FA saying a group of lads on a stag had a bit to much to drink and this held us up and we missed our slot. If someone has too much to drink they should be refused boarding.

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I’m lucky to have not experienced too many bad flights but I clearly remember one of them. Back in 2017 my family was supposed to fly from Vancouver to Guangzhou on China Southern’s 787-8. Apparently there was some kind of bad weather going on back in China, causing the a delay of 12 hours (which I do understand), however, check in staff was really rude when my dad asked for compensation (the airline initialy provided NOTHING lmao) and instead of trying to be helpful she got upset for us being demanding. In the end (2 hours of arguing later), the 3 of us (my parents and me) got 3 vouchers for White Spot but that was about it. Flight ended up being really meh: meh food, meh service, meh IFE (you get the point). At least the Dreamliner was good.

I was flying KSEA-KDFW, and we were delayed about 30 minutes. When we finally got in the air, there were terrible thunderstorms in Dallas, so we had to circle for about 1 hour. We started running low on fuel, so we diverted to Austin. On the ground, we wait for 3-4 hours. We finally started to taxi and had to wait in line another 4 hours. Finally, we take off and land in Dallas 5 hours after the scheduled time. While this wasn’t the airline’s fault (was Alaska Airlines) there was no wi-fi, and the air conditioner was off.

Not me, but my aunt and her family.

Back in 2018, they went to South Africa, on a BOS-FRA-JNB routing, with Lufthansa. Simple enough.

Well, the trouble starts one evening at Boston Logan International Airport when their flight was delayed 6 hours due to a crew snafu. That wasn’t great. They had a layover of exactly 6.5 hours in Frankfurt. Staying optimistic, they just counted on a quicker than expected trip to Germany.

They boarded after about 5 and a half hours of waiting, and as they took their seats, they got an announcement to deplane because there was another issue, this time with the catering being delayed 2 hours for unspecified reasons.

At this point, they knew their connection was screwed and were promised a later flight by Lufthansa customer service.

Finally, they took off from Boston and got to Frankfurt about 7 hours after they were scheduled too. This allowed them 2 hours until their rebooked flight to Johannesburg, which would be fine… until the flight to Johannesburg was cancelled because of something with the engine.

Lufthansa put them up in some generic airport hotel for the night, and they tried to get some sleep. Of course, at about 2:30 in the morning, the fire alarm went off because of some idiot smoking near a detector. By the time all was said and done, it was nearly 5:00 and they headed to Frankfurt Airport.

The second flight left on time, but about halfway through, my aunt got what she says is “the worst food poisoning I’ve ever had in my life,” which she thinks is from her bagel and lox at the airport. The entire rest of the flight, she was so sick, but luckily the flight attendants were kind about the whole thing.

Just a never ending series of events that keep getting worse. They made it in the end.

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Okay, this was originally in this topic but it was closed. So I will repost here.

Okay, so this was not me, but my parents. This happened to them last new years coming back from a holiday. They were flying Cathay Pacific from Frankfurt to Hong Kong after their stay in Munich for two days. They got to Frankfurt from Munich on Lufthansa no problem, get on the plane in Frankfurt and they start taxiing to the runway where the pilot announces there was something wrong with the plane so they had to go back and get it checked. For the first 6 hours they were just sat on the plane. Suddenly the pilot says everyone has to get off.

This is where the flight attendants and gate staff in Frankfurt break it to everyone that they have to fly in a new part for the plane on the next flight from Hong Kong. Which would be a few days later due to new years. It was at this point apparently that airport police were called because there were some passengers that became aggressive and threatened the staff if they did not organise a new flight (did not help that they were still providing alcohol while waiting on the plane…).

So on the 31st of December 2022 they left the airport after not being able to fly and instead of landing in Hong Kong on the 1st of January. They landed 3 days later on the 4th of January because Cathay did not want to rebook them in Lufthansa despite a codeshare agreement.

They told them they will receive reimbursement of €600 each in compensation for delays as they are owed, however, at the gate they also said they would pay for all their food and stuff in Frankfurt over those days as the hotel they were providing did not offer food.This was not meant to be the case, because they were flying business class they were meant to be in a nice hotel but because of the absolute chaos of all the people trying to get on buses they got sent to the wrong hotel.

After the fact Cathay tried to debate paying anything but after some argument they folded and covered all food and drink and transport in Frankfurt (despite my parents going to some very expensive places knowing it was Cathay’s money being spent) as well as the compensation. To me, a whole 3 day delay sounds terrible, but they loved it as they were seeing Frankfurt.

I however, was flying from London at the same time and planned it so we landed roughly around the same time so we could all get a cab home together.

Fun times….

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I’ve heard of that. that is sick.

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I was flying from SEA-LHR a few months back and it was a terrible flight. To start off the trouble, I was getting sick, but wasn’t really sick yet. When we started taxing, the IFE had still not turned on, and they said they would try to reset it. It was resetting the whole 9 hour flight, with the blinding “Delta Studio” white logo shining through my eyemask. Not to mention, the F/As seemed like they just had something better to do, and the food was revolting.

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Last year, I was flying from Munich to Madrid as a part of me and my dads little Europe tour we decided to do (unfortunately I do not have any photos saved in my phone because it was factory reset) and we had to fly Air Europa. We thought this flight would be pretty normal, unfortunately it wasn’t. Once we got on the plane everything seemed fine, until the moment we sat down in row 4 and my dad saw that there were no food trays. We thought ,ok its fine, maybe they are at the back", the flight attendants came on the announcement on cruise and to summarize the reply in 2 words: nuh uh. They DIDNT HAVE FOOD ON THE PLANE. Keep in mind that the flight was at 11am and we have gotten off from our 1h30min flight from Bucharest. We haven’t ate anything since we didn’t want to at the airport. Long story short, there were only drinks given out on that flight and me and my dad went for just water since I would’ve thrown up on the ground if I drank cola at FL350/370. Once we got to Madrid, we went to T4 and went to maccies. It was such a great feeling to eat at 2pm when I haven’t ate for almost 20 hours at that point. We then proceeded to get on our AirFrance HOP! flight and went to Paris and ordered food because we didn’t want to risk it again.

Air Europa, never again.

Not all airlines offer food for such a short flight. I feel you are putting expectations ahead of the logical truth.

Context: Back in 2019 I used to live in Kenya, with my family. Travelling long distances in Kenya was mostly done by air, as the roads were dangerous, and often not that ‘robust’. So flying was most of the time the favored option.

The flight I flew was between HKNW (Nairobi Wilson) and HKUK (Ukunda), operated by a Silverstone Air Fokker-50 :

All the 50 passengers boarded the Fokker, and as soon as we knew it, we were on the runway, ready for departure. Normal procedure for the Fokkers in HKNW is to do a static takeoff, which we did, and we started rolling down the runway, and suddenly, the engines went to reverse thrust, I was thrown into the seat in front of me, and we stopped at the end of the runway, we taxxied back to the threshold, for a second attempt. Unsuccesful once again.

The pilots then announced that we would be returnign to the gate, calling a Torque Issue with the engines. Fair enough, we deboarded and returned to the waiting area.
We then sew our aircraft taxi on its own (with the pilots of course) to the runway, and us passengers saw our aircraft takeoff. For about 20 minutes we saw our aircraft doing touch-and-goes on Wilson’s runways.
Aircraft came back to the stand, and we were told to board again…


Once again, we taxxied to departure, and a few seconds later, we lifted off of RWY14.
However, at about 50-100 feet in the air, which felt astonishingly low, the engines power setting was reduced, and our climb was stopped abruptly. and worst of all, we started turning, at 75ft in the air, in an old-looking Fokker 50.

Our path (from what I can remember)

For about 5 minutes, we did this pattern, circles over the Nairobi National Park. I was petrified, thinking of every possible scenario, thinking of the news articles of the crash.
You know when someone is about to die they say that they wee their whole liffe in front of their eyes, it’s real, that’s what happened.
Anyways, 5 minutes after takeoff, the engines revved up, and we continued on with our journey.

If I remember correctly, this was in February, in October, another Silverstone Air Fokker 50, crashed for real, at the end of the runway in Wilson Airport, the aircraft was not able to takeoff and overran the runway. Fortunately I was not in the flight, but I kept thinking that the flight I was on could’ve ended this way…


And form there, Silverstone Air Services was accused on traficking their aircraft’s maintenance logs, and a few other of their planes were written off, and the airline went bankrupt in December 2019.

That is my worst airline experience, and if you read this far congrats !

TL:DR : I almost didn’t die in a Fokker 50


After thinking thoroughly about the incident which happened to me, I realised that the departure had nothing wrong with it, turns our the departure path of Wilson crosses the arrivals of HKJK, Nairobi’s main airport, so departure out of HKNW stay low to the ground for some time until the path is cleared to climb.


My worst flight experience was every flight I had been on except my first time on a airplane because the only airline I have traveled on is PIA.