What was your shortest flight in IF?

Hi everyone! In this topic everyone are free to discuss their shortest flight in the simulator! I remade the topic since the previous ones were closed. I thought it would be a good idea to do so.

Mine is a Garuda Indonesia 737-800 from Lombok to Denpasar Bali, clocking in at 88nmi.
What’s yours?

You guys need to read the post instead of just posting links.


I legit read longest for some reason

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I’m making a short flight topic, not a long flight.

Did you write longest in the title at first?

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Yep me too lol

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He did, but the contents of the post described shortest, which is why I changed the title.


Evidence, no.

Fair enough

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I am not going crazy

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Okay. Can we start the discussion?

Yes we can

VNPL-VNLK, on a whopping 5 minutes and 10nm

Mine was KDTO-KADS it was like 8 minutes in a 172

I still have a handful:
PHNL PHOG Southwest 737-800
KLAX KLAS Delta 737-900ER A321
RCTP RCKH Eva 787-10

Oh yeah. LOWI LOWW Austrian Q400.

EGCC EGLL BA A319. That’s another one.

If I’m not wrong there is still a “Shortest flight” post, anyways, my shortest flight was EGEW-EGEP in an A380 Don’t ask why…

My shortest 380 flight was OMDB OOMS…

The first was the previous one. Closed.
The second is this one.

Still active