What Was Your Quickest Flight from the US to England

Any flight from North America to Europe works.

In fact, the flight I am doing now is the shortest transatlantic I have ever managed / will ever manage. KJFK to EGKK and it is estimated that it will take me 4h 50 mins. This is all thanks to the 100kt tailwinds!

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Well, this isn’t realistic (nor is it England) but JFK-FRA in an A333 just under 3 hours

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Did you cruise at Mach 5?


Haha 1.5 I think something like that

4hrs and 50min JFK-EGLL. M.85 FL350


4.45 on a BA777 JFK to LHR

My fastest was with the 747-8 from KLAX-EGLL. Around 8 hrs! Insane tailwinds eastbound!!

How much fuel did you end up using?

I honestly don’t remember, it was a while back. What I do remember is that it got better fuel economy at 1.5 than at like 0.8

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