What was your ,,Longest Flight‘‘ and the ,,Shortest Flight‘‘ this year?

Iberia 928, KLAX-LEBL, Airbus A350-900 (10 h 12 m)
Southwest 1010, KDEN-KCOS, Boeing 737-700 (0 h 17 min)

Cathay Pacific, VHHH-SBGR, Airbus A350-900 (19h 45m)

Hawaiian Airlines, PHNL-PHOG, Boeing 717-200 (0h 31m)

My longest flight was: TK15 B789 from LTFM (IST) to SGBR (GRU) about 13h

Shortest was with LH A320 EDDF (FRA) to EDDN (NUE) around 25 min

My longest flight was:

YSSY-MMMX | 13hrs 53min | AM7772 (AeroMexico) 777-200 | It was just like an experimental flight, trying to imitate what Qantas did a little back (LHR-SYD)

And my shortest flight was:

LFPG-EGLL | 38mins | AF1680 (Air France) | a320-200

Longest in time: KJFK - RCTP // EVA B777-300ER // 17:22hrs
Longest in distance: OMAA - YSSY // Etihad B787-10 // 12,057km

Shortest: LFPG - LFPO // B777 // 10 minutes

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longest: OMDB - KLAX | 20h 22min
shortest: EGEW - EGEP | 30sec

Because I do only realistic flights on the whole, my routes are pretty standard. I have done the Singapore to New York run about 2-3 times, using both Newark and JFK during the times they operated at either.

Longest 2021 flight - Perth (YPPH) - London Heathrow (EGLL) - 17:43
Qantas Boeing 787-9

Shortest 2021 flight - Frankfurt (EDDF) - Luxembourg (ELLX) - 00:29
Lufthansa Bombardier CRJ-900

Longest Flight in 2021: VIDP-KIAD | Air India | 787-8 | 14:41 flight time | April 13, 2021

Shortest Flight in 2021: KORF-KJFK | Delta Connection | CRJ-700 | 0:41 flight time | January 2, 2021

That’s for the #real-world-aviation category


Longest: EGLL-YSSY
Shortest: LPPS-LPMA

My longest was PGUM to KSFO which I did yesterday which was 10 hours 59 minutes long

My shortest flight was KCLT to KGSO which was 23 mins long.

My longest flight:
NZAA(Auckland International Airport)–>WSSS(Singapore Changi Airport)
10hr 30mins
My shortest flight:
WSSS(Singapore Changi Airport)–>WMKK(Kuala Lumpur International Airport)
53 mins

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As I started this year it isn’t hard for me to think of the longest and shortest this year alone. Longest was EGLL - YPPH in the Qantas 787-9, shortest, funny enough i did that yesterday. that was KORD - KOSH in a Delta CRJ900 (didn’t know that wasn’t suitable for commercial aircraft😅).

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Longest Flight NZAA-KLAX 15hours and Shortest NZAA-NZTG 17 min

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And I thought WSSS-WMKK is short…

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Longest: KLAX-YSSY // American Airlines B787-9 // 14:30
Shortest: VNKT-VNLK // Cessna Caravan // 0:28h

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Shortest: EPWA-EPLB / LOT Polish Airlines / DH8D / 00:25h

Longest: OTHH-NZAA / Qatar Airlines / B777-200LR / 16:00h

I have the slight feeling I already posted mine in this thread but I am just gonna do it again xD

EDDM-EDDF with a Lufthansa A320/319 for Nonstop Virtual: 0:30hrs
KATL-VOHS with a Lufthansa A359, part of an event also hosted by Nonstop Virtual: 17 hours

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My Longest flight so far was KLAX - RJTT and my shortest was Vancouver - SeaTac lmao

My longest flight was Sydney to London, my shortest was an island hop in the Caribbean