What was your longest ATC session?

People have done super long flights, but how about ATC sessions? This includes TS and the Expert Server as well. Mine would be around 3 hours.


My longest ATC session is close to 2 hours and 30 minutes on Expert Server.

Edit: 3 hours 30 minutes at HRYR (Local)

Nice! You remember what airport it was?

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Mine was training server, EGLL, 3hrs 45min. It actually got very busy…

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It was KJFK.

8 hours at my home airport EDDM when I used to be IFATC

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My longest session was sometime around the mid COVID lockdowns, I managed to get around 16 and a half hours consecutively at Glasgow without closing.

To my knowledge I’m roughly the 3rd or 4th longest session IFATC controllers. I believe Aquila managed 24 hours at Chambery, and 1 or 2 others managed 17-18ish hours.


5h (non stop) at RKSI on Training Server when it got 3D , it was busy sometimes because of this ^^

Some pics :


Mine was also JFK. Way back over the summer when it was the Atlantic Crossing Friday Night Flight. I had so much fun controlling one of my home airports with extremely busy traffic that I didn’t even realize that more than 6 hours had elapsed. Until Monday, it held the record for my busiest session in terms of operations standing at around 660 ops. I beat that record controlling radar at the FF into LSGG! I really don’t control JFK that often anymore, though.

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Mine was a little over an hour in the training server at KSFO. I would’ve gone longer but my iPod was overheating and crashed💀😂


Nice, I’ve never been able to go higher than 3 and a half hours due to phone heating and battery.


Key West, just over 3 hours. DLVA fly in, lots of other traffic. Meant for a lot of holds.

11:30 hours straight as an IFATC Apprentice or specialist in check ride I don’t remember exactly what my rank was

Probably close to 9 hours.

If you turn off the ATC Camera it should never overheat, never had that issue. Speaking as someone who uses an iPhone 6s.


10 hours on Calvi radar


Mine was like 2:30h. Mexico City.

Also @Guxk, where are you? You need to shine here ;)


I did 4 and a half hours on the Expert server at I believe MMMX I forget what airport it was at. It was soooo slow for the first 2 and a half hours but after that it picked up pace a decent amount. I got like 250 ops total from GTS.

I love the airport choices :)

Went 9 and a half hours at SBFZ one day just cuz. Never again. 😂


What happened that was that bad? Lol