What was your first global flight?

I have almost hit 1000 hours on IF, so I was thinking about my first global flight. Mine was KAUS (my home airport) to KLAX on a BA 78XšŸ˜‚


Pretty sure my first one was KABQ-KMDW in a Southwest 737!

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Iā€™m not going back 155 pages in the log book.


Same, your not alone šŸ˜‚

I am 99.99% sure that my first global flight was KLAX-KSFO or the other way around. It was a long time ago so I already forgot.

Mine was KPHX-KSLC in an American 737. I remember because when I found out I was getting global, I made a HUGE list of flights I should do. I think I had like 150 flights on there and the first one was Phoenix to Salt Lake City. Good times

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My first two was SLC-SAN (SAN was glitched, no runway, taxiways and terminal) then I did PHLI-PHNL B717 Hawaiian

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I remember!
I got Global and Live when the MD-11 Came out so it was
KLAX-KATL in a Delta MD-11 (training oof)

Very fun!

BUR-PHX on Southwest :)
Good old Canyon Blue Livery :)

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Mine was from KCNO to KRIR
Dash 8 Q400
Good times lol

First thing I played around at LFPG with an a380.
Then I just went all out and did KLAX-either EDDF or EDDM. Lufthansa a340.

Mine was probably either KDTW-KORD or KDFW-KIAH

Pretty certain mine was a Hong Kong to Sydney Flight in B777. Was pretty excited.

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